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Earn2trade review

Can you trust EARN2TRADE?

Updated on: 2022.02.18

Hello and welcome back!!

Let's go through this review of EARN2TRADE to understand if they have the characteristics you are looking for to start becoming a true professional in the trading world.

It is a futures contract trading prop firm that trains, teaches, and matches its successful students with trading finance companies. Their mission is immediately evident: to hire and prepare traders by offering personalized training, mentoring sessions and courses, as well as practical experience to generate professionals. If you successfully complete one of their evaluation programs, you will receive a guaranteed offer from their partner.

I could not find the names of the founders rather than those who are part of it.

Searching on Linkedin, various members appeared who are part of the staff, as a matter of fact we have interviewed Chris, the lead educator for our blog.

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The company provides its address located at 30 N Gould Street, STE 4000, Sheridan, Wyoming. Most of those who are part of EARN2TRADE work remotely throughout the United States and collaborate with freelancers around the world.

They also made available a technical support office based in Budapest in Hungary. 

Publishing the address already gives you an indication of how serious the company is.

They provide worldwide customer support around the clock and every day of the week. You can reach out to them via email at or call them at 1-888-502-2260.

On social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn they are very present and you can find a lot of information about them.

There are several evaluations programs that you can choose from.

The most popular Gauntlet Mini program has a range of prices depending on the type of account. Prices range from $ 150 up to $ 350 per month; the Gauntlet program has a cost of $ 429 lasting 60 days which is the only competition phase.

A new plan called Trader Career Path appeared on the site just a few days ago.

We will talk about all of their courses in detail later.

The flagship product of the company is the 6-month Bootcamp at $ 2,499.

Does EARN2TRADE pay well?

There are no restrictions on withdrawing your profits after you are funded. Their partner companies will not require you to make a certain amount of profit, make a certain number of trades, or trade for a certain period of time, before allowing you to withdraw.

All withdrawals are processed once a week on Tuesdays via bank transfer or PayPal. Make sure you enter your withdrawal request at least one day in advance.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 100 and there is no withdrawal fee over $ 500.

Is it difficult to get capital to trade with EARN2TRADE?

Let's get to the heart of this EARN2TRADE review and understand which program is right for you.

You have three programs to choose from, well structured and will require a lot of effort but will be a source of satisfaction once completed with a work foresight worthy of a few prop houses.

Info, account management and restrictions.

The EARN2TRADE competitions concern the trading of futures contracts offered by CME. When you qualify for a tender, you are guaranteed an offer of financing for a real account from the commercial partner who finances the company. The goal is to teach traders to become real professionals.

These programs suit those like you who want to learn, who have skills, but who lack the capital. The challenge you will choose is aimed at evaluating your trading performance by achieving the result, yet following some rules.

Trade for a minimum of fifteen to sixty days depending on the challenge you choose. 

Do not reach the daily loss and work within the approved hours.

EARN2TRADE offers a maximum loss limit known as "trailing drawdown": it means that the amount below which your account must never go down continues to go up every time you make a profit.

When the market moves and hits your maximum loss limit, whether you are in the race or if you are funded.

Both in the race and in the LiveSim account unrealized and realized losses are considered, in regards to the profits only those actually realized will be valid.

The distinction occurs when we talk about a funded account: in this case the unrealized profits are counted and, to be honest, I don't like it very much because it differs from the tender. 

The company does not allow the use of programs that copy trades on multiple accounts. If you complete the evaluation phase and find that you have used them, you will not receive any refunds for the accounts you have used with that method and the tender will fail.

The Gauntlets Mini have no time limit: being monthly subscriptions, you can take as long as you need to reach the profit target.

The Gauntlet Classic, on the other hand, requires a one-time payment, and offers a limited duration of 60 days: you cannot start a Gauntlet Classic and ask for a leave or a break.

Breaking this rule once a week or 30 days out of 60 will cause you to fail regardless of the reason. 

If you express your intention to take a few days off EARN2TRADE could be flexible and put your account on hold for the period of time you previously communicated. However, they reserve the right to grant or refuse such requests.

EARN2TRADE, with its prop house Helios, allows you to have up to five multiple accounts, but you can only be financed with one LiveSim account (we'll see what it is later).

However, I suggest that you trade only one account to get better results and avoid management and concentration problems.

You can trade only when the markets are open, consult the opening and closing times of the markets for your assets.

Typically markets open at 5pm CT, but it can vary; all positions and orders must be closed by 3:10 pm CT until 5:00 pm CT.

HE / LE must be closed by 13:05 CT until 17:00 CT.

ZC / ZW / ZS / ZM / ZL must be closed between 7:45 am and 8:30 am CT and then again between 1:20 pm and 5:00 pm CT.

You can work throughout the day, except on holidays and when the bags are closed.

Let's start now by seeing in detail the programs that EARN2TRADE makes available to you starting from the newborn: Trader Career Path.

Trader's Career Path.

I'll start by telling you that this is the only challenge that offers progressive capital growth: start from $ 25K up to $ 200K in just 5 steps. Your evolution will go through a series of Live accounts ($ 25,000, $ 50,000, $ 100,000 and $ 200,000) as you reach the goal for each step.

When you hit the $ 200K account, the maximum loss becomes static at $ 6K.

You also have Journalytix available for 60 days, and NinjaTrader for the duration of the challenge, as per all the other programs.

The rules are very similar to the other programs: you pay the monthly fee which is $ 150.

You must trade for a minimum of 15 consecutive days at the permitted times, to pass each step without falling below the permitted daily loss.

There are limits to the contracts you can use: you will start with two contracts and then work your way up to fifteen. You will need to self-regulate and as your account grows you will be able to have more available.

If you use more contracts than allowed by the account size and profit levels you will not pass the test.

For example, if you have a $ 25,000 account, you can only use two contracts. The opening of a third contract (of the same property or other) will immediately cause the exam to fail.

If you have a $ 25,000 account, you can open a third contract when you have an account equal to or greater than $ 1,501 in profit ($ 26,501 or more). However, you must make sure that your profits do not fall below this limit while you have three open contracts, otherwise you will fail the test.

When you are funded and you reach the profit target you can withdraw the entire profit (80/20) and move on to the next level: here the max trailing drawdown, the profit target, the maximum daily loss are calculated on the new account and the value will increase. 

Do not reach or fall below the minimum account balance (EOD Drawdown).

Unfortunately: there is no option for resetting this challenge if you are struggling with your performance.

The Gauntlet Mini

This tender is a trading exam that, when completed successfully, guarantees the funding of a real trading account with one of Earn2Trade's trading partners. Gauntlet Mini evaluates your trading performance using a set of rules that you will follow until you have traded for at least 15 days, at the times indicated, and reached the profit target specified by your account size.

The rules include some limits on your daily and total losses, as well as the number of traded contracts. However, there is no time limit imposed. The Gauntlet Mini exam is based on a paid subscription and lasts until you reach your goal or cancel the plan.

You can choose from different account types starting at $ 25,000 for $ 150 up to $ 150,000 for $ 350.

Obviously, for each plan, there are the daily losses not to be exceeded, as the maximum loss of the account. You will have from three contracts up to a maximum of 15.

Do not exceed the maximum order size : follow the scaling plan.

Candidates can reset the Gauntlet Mini at any time for $ 100. This simply restores your account to its original starting balance.

When you pass this evaluation program you will receive an offer for a funded trading account with their partner company. The size of that account is the same as the initial size of the Gauntlet Mini ™ account you used to pass the evaluation. 

The Gauntlet Classic

The Gauntlet Classic is a futures trading assessment tool tailored to help you determine if you are ready to make trading your profession.

It is also the final stage of the company's training program: The Bootcamp.

The company establishes some strict rules to allow the trader maximum flexibility in pursuing their preferred trading strategy.

EARN2TRADE recommends that you try this program only after completing the Beginner Crash Program which I will tell you about later.

The fee to enroll in this challenge is $ 429: actually, it’s just 343,20 with our exclusive discount.

The challenge is to manage a $ 25.0000 trading account in SIM for 60 days. You must trade a minimum of 30 calendar days and at least once a week. In addition, you must reach a 10% profit goal by the end of the program and a maximum drawdown of 10% on your account.

The best features of The Gauntlet Classic are the fact that the max drawdown is static, not trailing.

And it's well suited to swing traders, as you will be allowed to hold trades open overnight and the week-end.

You have 72 hours to set up and start your account after which the evaluation period will start automatically regardless of your preferences.

You will be able to choose preset stop losses, daily losses and weekly loss limits. You can also set up your own additional rules for the 60-day trial period. However, if you choose to set them you will also have to respect them 🙂

After successfully completing the Gauntlet, EARN2TRADE sends the results to its trading partner who reviews them and will propose you to become a funded trader of his company with a certificate of completion issued by EARN2TRADE.

This program gives you free access to the company's training and webinar library, and if you exceed expectations you can even get a full refund.

Gauntlet Guarantee

If during your Gauntlet you make a withdrawal equal to or less than 2% of your initial balance you will be entitled to a full refund of your current share.

You will receive this compensation in your LiveSim or Live account and can withdraw it immediately at your discretion or choose to add it to your trading balance.

Once you pass the tender, two types of funded trading accounts are available:

the LiveSim account and the Live account.


LiveSim is a simulated trading account where traders can continue to hone their skills in a simulated environment, having the advantage of being able to withdraw their profits. The simulated environment is populated by a live data feed (provided by Rithmic) and can be traded using a wide variety of trading platforms that integrate with it.

LiveSim is like an optional intermediate step for successful candidates and is intended as a bridge between trading on a simulator and on a real account, with lower fees for the live market data; these can easily rump up to hundreds of dollars per month.

After reaching the $ 5K profit on LiveSim, you will be moved to a real account. Of the profit level of $ 5,000.00, 80% or $ 4,000.00 is withdrawable.

I point out that the main mission of ERN2TRADE is to find traders who can be profitable and, although LiveSim is offered as an option, the lending trading companies, depending on your performance, may decide to provide you with a Live account instead of a LiveSim.

This type of account works in the same way as a real account, including withdrawing profits, but with some additional benefits: LiveSim has a faster setup. you will be able to start working on this account within two days of accepting the funding agreement.

You will be able to get the market data for free for your first exchange. Additional exchanges will cost you $ 105 (seconds and up).

You also need to know that this type of account is only available until you earn your first $ 5,000 (minus the 20% profit split). Next, you will switch to a live account.

Live Accounts

Traders who choose to start trading on a Live account cannot return to a LiveSim account later.

Live accounts take longer to set up because they require you to submit some documents pertaining to the company that will fund you.

The monthly fees for live account are higher: data are $ 105 for each exchange.

Beware: Live accounts calculate intraday loss based on both unrealized profits and losses.

For your information, the financing companies that will propose you to work for them and that are EARN2TRADE partners are: Helios ( ) e Appius Trading Limited ( )

What about the trading platform?

Here is a list of platforms that can be used:

NinjaTrader® - Recommended;

Finamark (free during competitions, includes a 90 day live trading license)

R | Trader & R | Trader Pro (free)

Overchart (60 days free for new users)

So is EARN2TRADE on your side for real? 

As part of your training, you will have personalized educational programs, tutoring sessions and webinars, as well as hands-on experience with a trading simulator.

Lenders always want to know that traders are receiving training from experts who are active in the trading field. Active involvement ensures that you stay up to date with market trends and strategies.

Beginner Crash Course: the intensive course for beginners.

The Beginner Crash Course consists of 60 videos, each lasting between six and ten minutes. They cover the basic and advanced concepts needed for trading and each video ends with a quiz to ensure full understanding of the course

It is a basic program that teaches you the main notions of the market and the general conditions it adheres to, risk management and technical trading. Lessons provide complex concepts in an easy-to-understand format and illustrate topics with simple examples.

Trading training spans a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to trading methodologies, indicators, fundamental and technical analysis, proper psychological conditioning, platforms, and good trading habits are all covered in the video lessons.

EARN2TRADE is serious about teaching you the best practices that should work across a broad spectrum of trading strategies. In this regard, there are countless trading strategies and their functioning (or not) can depend on a multitude of variables. They teach you to identify trends and understand all the options available for your experience to be successful. They will train you on how to do fundamental and technical analysis and, above all, how to stay calm and approach trading with the seriousness it requires.

The Bootcamp.

This is a comprehensive trading course that educates you in the markets, trains you in risk management and technical training. Additionally, upon completion, the course associates you with a lending company.

The course includes a personal mentor who guides you through videos and a webinar catalog of weekly individual sessions after which you will start operating with a trading simulator in which the tutor will supervise your performance.

The Bootcamp is designed to last 6 months.

Your instructor will be able to guide you through any problems you are having with the course material, explain general trading strategies, and educate you on technical analysis. Think of him as a tutor who can give you a deeper insight into the understanding of the lessons or help you understand the material in a more effective way.

Although all tutors have passed the Series 3 (Future) and / or Series 34 (Forex) exam and most are registered with the National Futures Association (NFA), they are unable to trade for you or give you specific trades to carry out.

They will help you with any educational topics you are struggling with. You can book them for 30 minutes or more if you need them.

Our Bootcamp package includes weekly mentoring sessions: it costs $ 2,499 and starts with an introduction to your personal tutor… they don't waste any time 🙂

The Bootcamp consists of three parts:

Educational, practical, and the challenge.

In the first part you will have video lessons, personal sessions with your mentor, access to the library with all the contents and a simulator;

In the second practical part, you will start trading with a simulator, you will increase your knowledge and the various methods of trading, you will learn to manage and contain risks, you will continue to receive weekly sessions with your tutor and you will start preparing to face the competition.

The third part gets to the heart of your path: overcoming the race.

Can we vouch for EARN2TRADE? 

In addition to being recognized by Forbes, its TrustPilot contains 501 reviews, of which 85% have awarded five stars. The overall rating on TrustPilot is 4.6 (where "5" is the highest), which is an extremely high score.

TrustPilot reviews praise the resources available on the site, some even write: "If you are an aspiring future trader, Earn2Trade is an excellent service where you can't go wrong". I believe this can make you feel confident about investing and trusting them.

Our final opinion about EARN2TRADE?

Overall, this company is very solid. They are transparent about who they are and provide the physical address of their location. The services they provide are undoubtedly very interesting and it is rare to find them elsewhere. Their site really teaches you everything you need to know about trading in a fun and easy way.

In my opinion, there are however some downsides to Earn2Trade: the high cost of the Bootcamp and the lack of a free trial.

However, even if the price is high, it is certainly a worthwhile investment. To cut costs, I highly recommend visit our page about Special Offers as they offer seasonal discounts exclusive for our readers.

I would recommend any serious beginner trader to invest in Earn2Trade! The resources are excellent, and the lessons teach you things you can't easily learn in the forums.

With the newest addition: the Trader's Career Path, they have finally strengthened their weakness: having a program that offers a generous capital growth plan.

Your opinion.

Your opinion matters! Come visit my Instagram or Facebook page, leave your comment: I post every video about the funders on my Instagram TV, let's have the conversation over there so to include as many people as possible.


AudaCity Capital review

AUDACITY CAPITAL reviewed by Funded Trader

Updated on: 2022-05-19


AudaCity Capital has a world-renowned reputation for instant funding and supporting its traders, they are considered by many at the forefront of this industry.

With a deep understanding of the market, they believe the only way to be a leader in the sector is to invest in talented people who want to grow with them.

They trade all major asset classes on various exchanges using their own capital. They do not manage client funds nor do they have clients. By joining the AudaCity Capital team, you will join a team of market leaders who wish to foster an entrepreneurial culture in finance.

Funded trading offers numerous benefits (as explained in our article about Prop Trading) and the best part is that you can trade with more capital and lock in higher profits.

On their site, you can find many videos where they show you their office which is located in the financial heart of London: Canary Wharf.

They have an entire floor dedicated to their company and they are very proud of it; and so should they!

Let's reason about this for a minute: suppose that you are about to choose which Prop Firm you want to get in business with, will you select one with a proper and real office or one that tends to hide its location and managing team? Exactly!

On their website they claim to have Funded Traders from 140 countries around the globe, of which 72% earn an income! That's brilliant!

It's simple enough as searching on LinkedIn to find Audacity Capital's CEO: Karim Yousfi.

Hopefully, we will be able to interview him for our website soon.

AudaCity Capital has been active in helping traders become professionals since 2012, and if approved to enter the Instant Funding Program you will:

  • immediately start trading live for real money
  • with a 50/50 profit split
  • and no liability for losses.

Or participate in the Ability Challenges for:

  • no limitations on your trading style
  • profit split to the trader is 75%
  • STATIC max drawdown of 15%!

NEW Trading Ability Challenges now available!

If you are familiar already with AudaCity Capital go directly to their website here.

Prop Trading as an insurance against bad luck?

Rita lost her job.

Rita had a great plan B!

Listen to her story as she is being interviewed by Federica, CFO of AudaCity Capital.


I haven't found much information about it, but those few give them credit for the veracity of what they say on their site.

You will be able to withdraw your profit every time you reach the 10% target. Once reached, email, they will double your account instantly and send you the profits.

A review confirms the payment by this prop house.

Is it difficult to get capital to trade with AUDACITY CAPITAL?

The Instant Funding Program.

There are some noteworthy features of AudaCity Capital that impressed me, making it quite different from other companies.

The first step is to fill out a form to demonstrate that you have some basic experience, including your trading strategy and how long you have been trading. This first step is essential to demonstrate that you have enough practice in knowing how to manage an account with real funds or to start from scratch.

The second step is a face-to-face interview with the team to delve a little more into your knowledge, your experience with trading, what is required of you when trading with a real account and how you handle market situations. If you reside in London, the interview will take place at their office otherwise it will be on the phone or video call. This is a totally different process than most companies in this industry.

Talking face-to-face with those at AudaCity means knowing exactly who represents the company and makes it easier to ask questions about the process or the company.

They also have a London-based trading room which means if you are looking for a place to work you can take advantage of this opportunity.

If you reside in London or are able to commute there, it really is a great way to work in a trading environment surrounded by a like-minded community. Many companies do not offer any opportunity to meet in person and for AudaCity Capital this is a real strength that we want to highlight in this review.

For obvious reasons that I won't even mention here, many of these activities have been moved more and more onto the virtual space, let's hope it was only a temporary solution.

Within 24 hours, AudaCity Capital will confirm if you are eligible and consequently will send all the details for opening the account and you can start trading with real money.

The process is very fast unlike other companies where getting to the end can potentially take months.

The third step is to start trading with a funded account! Well, that is after you paid the enrollment fee of course.

It is definitely worth noting that AudaCity Capital offers traders the opportunity to trade with a lot of capital.

For every 10% profit made, your capital is doubled in steps from $ 15,000 up to $ 500,000, which gives traders a lot to work with and the potential to grow their profits significantly. This is one of the best capital growth programs that I have seen.

Instant Funding: account management.

With AudaCity Capital the account is fully funded and everyone starts with an amount equal to $ 15,000, the profit split is 50/50 and the trading account size doubles every time you reach the 10% target.

While the other lenders always express themselves in the nominal value of the account (i.e. 150K, 200K etc.) what really matters is the permitted risk: that is, the maximum loss limit.

In this case you will have no liability for losses and a static drawdown of 10%, or $ 1,500.

As soon as the bill increases this doubles to $ 3000 - I'll show you the steps below.

It is good that you know that your account is constantly monitored: professionals and risk managers will monitor your trend and your performance.

It is allowed to trade major and cross currency pairs, but without commodities or indices at least in the early stages.

Also you can keep trading positions open overnight, but not over the weekend. All must be closed on Friday at 18:00 GMT unless the risk management team approves your request to keep the position open for the weekend - if you wish to keep a trade open, you might be able to do so:  you will need to file an e- mail to request permission. If they believe the operation is safe it will remain open, otherwise they have the right to close your positions.

It is forbidden to have open positions during major news events; they refer only to NFPs, FOMCs, interest rate decisions and central bank speeches.

For example, suppose there is the Bank of England rate news followed by the BOE President's Speech, in this case all GBP exposure must be closed 30 minutes before the news. Positions in GBP can then be reopened when the talk is over.

Another example, for NFP all positions in USD (major currency pairs)

they must be closed and can be reopened later.

Only currency pairs related to the news event should be closed.

Orders in phase 1 are limited to a maximum of 0.5 lots.

This means that the maximum exposure is 0.5 cumulative lots at any one time.

For example you can have 1 position at 0.5 or you can have 5 positions at 0.1. It's up to you to manage the risk.

When your account has doubled, your risk allowance also doubled, i.e. on $ 30,000 the maximum lot size is 1, on $ 60,000 the maximum lot size is 2 lots etc.

There is no time limit for your 10% milestone and once you start trading you will get paid every time you reach that goal and your account is doubled.

AudaCity Capital does not operate with timelines as they do not want to pressure you, normally in 4/6 weeks the traders who have done the course and who have the capital reach the performance target.

From the moment you are eligible for the interview, the cost to start trading is £ 298 and then, in the following months, £ 99 pounds.

This rate covers management costs which include the platform, data, technology, administration, etc. etc.

Therefore, they charge this one-time membership fee of £ 199, which must be paid before you start trading; and each month they charge you a monthly platform fee and liquidity access fee of £ 99, which is due at the beginning of each month.

These costs are non-refundable once the trader has started trading on the account.

The 0 commissions and the very low spreads are the consequence of their policy: because they themselves have the liquidity, they are the brokers themselves, the trades are better and the rate does not increase with the increase in capital.

You can download their manual here.

Capital Growth with AUDACITY CAPITAL

Let's see in detail the phases from the moment you access the capital on your account.

I will try to be as precise in this review on AudaCity Capital.

First phase

The account starts with a capital of $ 15,000, 0.50 lot allowed = $ 5 per pip, leverage 1: 5 i.e. 0.5 lot = $ 5 per pip. When you reach the 10% profit goal of $ 1500 around 300 pips, you will get a 50% profit split and move on to the next step.

Second phase

You reached your +10% profit target and the capital has doubled, congrats! Get an account of $ 30,000, with 1 lot allowed = $ 10 per pip, leverage 1: 5 which equals 1 lot = $ 10 per pip. When you reach the 10% profit of $ 3000 around 300 pips, you will get a 50% profit split and move on to the third stage.

Third phase

You get an account of $ 60,000, 2 lots allowed = $ 20 a pip, the leverage is always 1: 5 i.e. 2 lots = 20 a pip. When you hit $ 6000 around 300 pips, you will get a 50% profit split and move on to the next step.

Up to the third stage you will only be able to work with forex. From here on, your markets also expand with raw materials. Here is the progression of your funded account:

Fourth Phase

Get an account of $ 120,000, with 4 lots allowed = $ 40 per pip, you will be able to work with Forex + Gold and some indices which will be subject to the approval of the risk team, the leverage is 1: 5 and is around $ 40 per pip. When you hit your 10% of $ 12000 (always around 300 pips), you will get a 50% profit split and move on to the fifth step.

Fifth Phase

The value will now be equal to $ 240,000 which means having 8 lots available = $ 80 per pip, even in this phase you will be able to work with Forex, gold and indices always subject to approval, the leverage is always 1: 5. as in the other phases when you have reached your goal, yours will grow once again and they will share the profits with you.

Sixth and last phase

Your account is now $ 480,000, and you will work with 16 lots = $ 160 per pip, Forex, gold and indices always team approved and leverage will always be 1: 5 - 16 lots = $ 160 per pip.

From here on your account will remain stable at $ 500,000 without growing or decreasing.

Not bad considering you invested less than 1000£ (just an estimate) of your own money thus far; and you already got paid for your profits!

Ability Challenge.

In May 2022 AudaCity Capital launched its newest and shiniest product: the Ability Challenges.

With these programs they are aligning with the sector in a way, but on the other side they are offering such an advanced proposition that I'm sure you'll find it innovative and competitive:

  • 15% of static max drawdown: WOW! In phase 2 and in Real it lowers to 10%, which still is more than manageable!
  • against 10% of profit share: a bit steep as a target, don't let this push you into rushing your trades.
  • 7.5% and 5% of max daily loss: don't you dare complain about this, I'm serious!
  • practically NO LIMITATIONS to your trading style: Algo trading, hedging, news, overnight and week-end, just make sure to manage your risk properly!
  • 75% profit split to you.

In a few words: this is possibly the challenge that is the closest to trading your own real account.

If I have to find a weak spot in these challenges this could be the duration: I wish they set it up as 60 days for both phases, instead, phase 1 lasts only 30 days; don't let this pressure you in taking trades that you usually wouldn't, or change the size of these. Be cool!

It doesn't bother me at all the fact that you have to pass the Ability Challenge twice before you become funded; just remember the mantra: patience, patience, patience!

The Ability Challenges offer the following accounts: 15K$, 30K$, 60K$ and 120K$.

It's a bit of a shame that AudaCity Capital doesn't offer capital growth for these, but they mentioned in their webinar at launch that they might take it in consideration for the near future, so don't give up on it just yet.

And remember this: Audacity Capital is its own liquidity provider, if you don't know what it means:

  1. they put their money where their mouth is.
  2.  and this is my very own interpretation: I have a feeling that if you are such a damn good trader they will notice you, don't you worry.

Which platform does AudaCity Capital use?

The platform on which AudaCity Capital works is MetaTrader 4.

Many brokers and traders around the world use MetaTrader 4 as it is the most popular trading platform globally and offers what most traders want. However, there are still some traders who don't know how to use MetaTrader 4.

If you are a beginner and still trying to figure out how to trade on this platform, don't worry because you are in the right place. The platform is easy to use and you can use it regardless of your skill level.

MetaTrader was created in 2005 by MetaQuotes (yes, over 15 years of experience built by millions of users) and you can customize your preferences according to your strategies. Although the trading platform is primarily related to forex trading, it can also be used for trading indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies via CFDs.

AudaCity Capital introduces a guide to teach you how to set up the platform as you see fit.

Is AUDACITY CAPITAL truly on your side?

AudaCity Capital aims to train any trader. No previous experience or academic qualification is required, they accept people who are ready to learn, work hard, and get access to the forex market.

They offer short courses and programs for traders that cover the most important topics in the world of investing. They are effective and can help you improve your skills and broaden your knowledge as a trader. If you want to learn how to trade, these courses will prove to be invaluable in your journey to become a professional.

The idea of ​​Audacity Capital is to identify those talented traders who would have a hard time making it on their own: who might be short of capital, but have the potential to make big profits. In the current financial market at Audacity Capital they understand that the opportunities to trade with financial institutions are few, and they believe the next generation will be trading superstars, and they are willing to back that belief financially.

Here are some of their collaborators answering a few questions.

AudaCity Capital offers its training with a course called Hidden Talents.

It is a unique trading program that includes training, mentoring and a funded account to overcome the challenge.

Traders can learn, trade, challenge themselves and get inspired to win unlimited rewards and benefits.

The program is the start of a better tomorrow and great earnings. Would-be traders can find themselves in the trading room surrounded by experts and this certainly will save them a lot of time and money in the process.


The course lasts four weeks, but they know that not everyone can dedicate themselves full time and for this reason, they have implemented a new version of the course that lasts only two weeks: Hidden Talents Program Fast Track.

The training takes place in their office in the City of London or, if you are unable to relocate (not to mention the issues that came along with the know), they offer remote sessions for the training period.

The fee for this course is £ 2,550, which is used to cover the study material and the individual training session with their mentor.

After four weeks of training with their professionals, they are pretty confident that you will feel comfortable keeping your real account profitable.

You are advised to study at least 20 hours per week plus those spent directly with a tutor, with one-to-one sessions.

AudaCity Capital teaches you Monday to Friday and you will be warmly invited to use the weekends to test the strategy you developed during the week, to analyze the market and prepare for the following week.

If you dedicate the minimum hours, if you are willing to respect the rules and parameters that they ask you to follow they are very confident that, after your four weeks of training, you will at least be able to keep your trading stable and from there to be profitable is just a matter of time.

Should we speak about how much money new and unprepared forex traders lose every day on the market? No? Ok, I thought so...

During the course you will learn to have a fundamental, technical and intra-market approach, in particular you will focus on the market structure of price action, market sentiment and candlestick patterns. But Execution of the strategy is just as important: and Audacity Capital rocks at it!

The fast track course lasts only two weeks and is more intensive where you will have to spend more hours than the regular program.

Can we vouch for AUDACITY CAPITAL?

The reviews I found online are enviable from many other prop houses of this genre.

Their presence on social networks, their dedication to accompany you to reach your target and their support make the results evident for those who collaborate with Audacity Capital and this is reflected in the reviews.

On a personal note: we have reached out to their CFO Federica, and she hasn't been anything but professional and very generous with her time.

I can't tell you how many "wanna-be Funders" out there are unreachable or just hide behind some sort of foggy curtain...

On Trustpilot they achieve excellence.

Here are some that reflect their attitude:

My final opinion on AUDACITY CAPITAL.

In summary, AudaCity Capital is certainly not a scam. From what I have discovered through my research, the offering by this company is excellent especially when you consider the progression you have with an account that is entirely and immediately real!

They have a great reputation, along with multiple learning opportunities for each and every trader that are truly impressive making them a great choice for your future.

Your opinion.

Your opinion matters! Come visit my Instagram or Facebook page, leave your comment: I post every video about the funders on my Instagram TV, let's have the conversation over there so as to include as many people as possible.


Apex Trader Funding Review

Apex Trader Funding: Traders Helping Traders.

Updated on: 2023-02-20

Trading is a profitable job as you can earn handsomely without doing much. All you need is an initial capital to start with. However, it is not as simple as you think because trading requires you to have experience; otherwise, you lose your money within seconds. It does not matter what you choose to start to trade with, as without experience, you cannot go long. 

So, you will ask how you can learn to trade. Don’t worry, as there are companies that offer you to learn futures trading with them using their capital. One such company is Apex Trader Funding; its motto, “Traders Helping Traders'' indicates that they are here to help people to start learning to trade futures.

Darrell Martin founded the company in 2008, and it now has over 30,000 members in over 150 countries. 

They offer customer support via their HelpDesk in 6 languages: english, french, spanish, german, japanese and korean (I guess...)

-50% Coupon Code for Apex Trader Funding

Visit Apex Trader Funding and get 50% discount for lifetime on any challenge and ON RESETS!!! code: MRDGJRNP 

If you want to research these and other Funding Programs visit our FundsFinder for FREE.

Read our in-depth reviews in our blog.

In conversation with the CEO, Darrell Martin.

We have managed to get in touch with Darrell, as it turns out, the founders are 3: Darrell Martin, John Mark Skelton and Leo Riot.

The company address is:

Apex Trader Funding Inc.

2028 E. Ben White Blvd

Ste 240 -9873

Austin, TX 78741

Let’s discuss whether choosing Apex Trader Funding to start learning to trade is good. Apex Trader Funding is a funding company that aims to turn ordinary people into expert traders. It accomplishes this job by providing traders with funds to start trading futures. What it wants from people is to trade responsibly, which will bring good results. 

Apex understands what difficulties futures traders have to face while arranging funds.

Darrell Martin, the founder of the company, had faced those difficulties himself, and that’s why he created a sustainable model of funding futures trading. The company is a community of traders, as traders meet other traders here. 

In Darrell's own words:

“There are 3 founders: Darrell Martin, John Mark Skelton and Leo Riot

We have all been involved in trading together for over a decade.  I've known John for over 20 years.

I founded apexinvesting about 15 years ago and set it up the way I wish education would have been set up for me when I started trading. A defined system with clear specifications education. Tools with settings preset and accurate. And a trade room with trades called out daily with several lead traders. Also it uniquely offers full access for 30 days with no credit card so people can see we are legit before ever spending a dime. It has grown to 30k members. We don't charge some big up front fee to see what we do we let you see it for free to determine if it's a good fit for you. I began my journey trading when my daughter was born and began recording videos for her should I pass. One of my friends urged me to transform them into a education site and that's how apexinvesting was born. I reside in a small town on a medium size ranch near fort worth Texas. We have mainly raised horses as my daughter is very active in rodeo winning 12 world titles by the age of 13 and just won yesterday the title of rodeo queen of North Texas high school rodeo association. 

John joined about 10 years ago and is an active options and futures trader and was previously series 7 licensed. He runs the operations of the Company both and and helps with affiliates. John lives in San Antonio.

Leo has worked with me on algos and automated Bots that have made both of us a fortune actually trading. He is a perfectionist and is always improving things. He was a no brainer to bring into apextraderfunding as he has been able to automate so many processes on the customer side and customer service side.  He lives in Vegas.

I tried all the main prop firms out there but did not like their rules and setups. I even made 300k at one of then in a month and they capped me out to a max of 50k after that. I found that most where not ran by daily active traders. So I decided as a trader who was well capitalized to start my own funding company by traders for traders with simple rules.

Apex Trader Funding has grown extensively and quickly due to our 24/6 customer service we are constantly hiring. Also we have fixed 1000s of accounts and even eaten funded account losses to fix users accounts when there have been Rithmic issues that are widespread as this is what I would want as a trader. Something I have not seen any Funding company due on a widespread outage.

I've been working closely with Rithmic to help them solve many issues instead of just writing them off and have helped to improve their network as we have 3 technical background support on staff to dog in and stay in contact and follow up on issues. We even helped find a bug in NinjaTrader that is currently being worked on. Speaking of Ninja and their acquisition of Tradovate we are already working towards launching this as an alternative option to Rithmic and hope to have more details in the coming month or two.

What’s unique about Apex Trader Funding?

Apex gives people the opportunity to learn to trade without risking their hard-earned money.

They provide people the initial capital to start futures trading.

Their services are available globally, so it does not matter where you live. 

The limitation with most trading companies is that they offer only one account to start trading when you are a beginner. However, this is not the case with Apex, as it gives you the option to trade using multiple accounts

Trading using multiple accounts reduces risk as the risk gets spread. When risk gets spread, you are likely to get more profits. 

Again, directly from Darrell, the CEO:

“We allow up to 20 but recommend 10 just for good fills and to ensure less platform issues. In addition offers a trade copier for Ninjatrader where users can copy to as many accounts as they want for entries exits cancels and adjustment of orders.

We just this past week added a flatten all button in our website interface as many users have requested a Rithmic flatten all. “

The Sniper Bootcamp: FREE trading lessons, tools and  a live daily trading room.

Here they teach you their own Simple Sniper trading set-ups, and give you access to their trading room, where hundreds of traders like you meet every day to join in the conversation, while "Leader Traders" speak on microphone and actually call trades.

What I truly appreciate about the Sniper Bootcamp is that Darrell and the team guide you through the whole process, step by step: from setting up Rithmic, NinjaTrader, downloading the Apex ToolKit which is a full suite of indicators for improved scalping techniques! And suddenly trading becomes easy.

Extremely powerful (but at extra cost) are the Chart Trader and the Sniper Autotrading Assistant: 1 click for NT8 to take the trade IF the signals are confirmed, and manage it faster and better than you could ever do manually, therefore you get better prices for your orders, and make more profit.

What is truly surprising is that they offer full access FOR FREE for 30 days with no credit card: that’s plenty of time for any trader to assess if the collaboration is what you are looking for.

If then you want to extend this access for another 30 days you can do so by paying just an additional 1$.

Only at this stage, in order to retain the indicators and access to the room, you will have to decide which Membership you prefer: monthly payments of 200$, yearly or lifetime.

If everything you are interested in is Funding that's totally fine, it's not compulsory to be a member of Apex Sniper, just enroll and win the 1 phase challenge to get capital to trade at 90% of profit share for you.

All the Trading Challenges by Apex Trader Funding.

$25K Full Plan

In this plan, you are provided a starting capital of $25,000 with $1500 as a profit goal, and the trailing threshold limit has been set to $1500.

$50K Full Plan

The plan’s name indicates that the starting capital provided in this plan is $50,000 to start trading futures. The profit goal you have to reach is $3,000, and the trailing threshold is $2,500. The $50K plan comes with a monthly fee of $167.

$75K Full Plan

The $75K Full plan provides you with $75K as initial capital, a good amount to start futures trading. The trailing threshold limit is $2,750, whereas the profit target is $4,250. You can get this plan at a monthly fee of $187.

$100K Full Plan

The starting capital you get in the $100K Full plan will be $100K. The profit goal is $6,000 and the trailing threshold limit is $3,000. The $100K Full plan has a monthly fee of $207.

$100K Static Plan

The starting capital you are provided in the $100K Static plan is the same as the $100K Full plan, which is $100,000. The difference between the two plans is that you have to reach the profit goal of $2,000 with no trailing threshold limit in the $100K Static plan.

Also, there is a STATIC drawdown limit of $625. Here, you have to pay a fee of $137 per month.

$150K Full Plan

The $150K Full plan gives you $150,000 as initial capital to begin futures trading. The trailing threshold limit in this plan is $5,000, and the profit target is $9,000. The monthly fee of this plan is $297.

$250K Full Plan

Apex Trader Funding’s $250K plan provides you with the starting capital of $250,000. The profit goal you have to achieve will be $15,000, whereas the trailing threshold limit is $6,500. You have to pay a monthly fee of $517 for this plan.

$300K Plan

The $300K starting capital plan has a monthly fee of $657. In this plan, the profit goal limit is $20,000 and the trailing threshold limit is $7,500.

All of the above plans come with a free NinjaTrader key, costing $75. Apart from the free NinjaTrader key, you will be provided with free real-time data for which other trading companies charge extra.

You can choose any of the mentioned plans based on your budget and your confidence to handle the same. Also, you can reset the evaluation account anytime, as many times as you want, at a fee of $80 per reset. The company calls these plans Apex Challenges because there is an evaluation process that one needs to pass to become eligible for funding from Apex.

Rules to Qualify for Apex Challenges

Meet the Profit Goal or Target

Every Apex Challenge has a particular profit goal, and as a trader you have a minimum of 10 days to meet the same. You can take as much time as you want to achieve the profit goal, and you can reset the account anytime. 

To be eligible for funding, you must have open and close trading positions for a minimum of 10 different trading days. You have to be consistent in your trading abilities. 

Never Touch the Maximum Loss Position

There is a trailing threshold limit for every Apex challenge, which is called Trailing Drawdown. Before you start trading, you need to understand it completely to avoid mistakes, which could lead to failure in the evaluation account. 

You need to know that Trailing Drawdown is the acceptable amount of losses that you as a trader can suffer and beyond that limit, you will fail. Understanding all this helps you trade responsibly, and you will never touch the maximum loss position. It ensures that you will complete the evaluation process, and become eligible for funding. 

Trade for a Minimum of 10 Trading Days

To get funding from Apex Trader Funding, you have to pass the evaluation. For the evaluation process, you have to trade for a minimum of 10 trading days. You have to enter and exit trading positions successfully in those ten days. 

Once you qualify for this condition, you will become eligible for funding. 

Never Share Your Account Credentials

Apex Trader Funding has its own rules, and under its rules, it does not allow you to share your account information with someone as it could lead to impersonation. Having an in-depth understanding of the rules is necessary. You can’t get the funding until you follow the evaluation rules. 

Trading Hours are between 6 PM to 4.59 PM ET

Remember one thing that acceptable trading hours are between 6 PM one day to 4.59 PM ET the next day. Trading during these hours is eligible for funding. Holding an open position or a pending order beyond this limit will result in the automatic closure of the trade

The closure of trade makes you fail the evaluation process. So, it is recommended to trade between the trading hours. 

Also, as a trader, you need to keep other things in mind. For example, if the market closes early due to a holiday, you must follow the trend and close early. 

What Happens When You Pass the Apex Challenge?

Passing the evaluation is mandatory to move further, but you may ask what happens when you pass the Apex Challenge. When you pass the evaluation by achieving the profit goal within 10 trading days, there is nothing that could stop you from getting Apex funding. 

You will receive an email from Apex containing the contract and the payment link within two business days. Once you pass the evaluation process, the next thing to do is to keep checking your email. Take appropriate action when you receive the email from Apex Trader Funding. 

How can you reset your Apex Account?

Suppose you fail the evaluation process for any reason, like maintaining a trading position beyond trading hours, i.e., after 4.59 PM ET, or exceeding the trailing threshold limit. You will fail the evaluation process in both these conditions, and you have to reset your Apex account. 

To reset your Apex account, you need to log in to your account and select the Members’ Area tab, where you see all your accounts. Look for the Reset tab and click on the account you want to reset. It is essential to press the Reset tab once you have the accurate details, and you need to be sure that you want to reset your account. 

Once you reset your account, it is the balance that will be reset. It means that the minimum 10 trading days get restarted, not the 30-day cycle. You can reset your account anytime as many times as you want. However, the reset comes at a price of $80. The more tries you take, the more have to spend, so it is best to pass the evaluation on your first try.

Pros of Apex Trader Funding Program

Full suite of trading indicators

Available for NT7 and NT8, with complete training, 2 different strategies with 10 different set-ups. Included in the membership.

Semi Auto Trading Tools and Chart Trader

These tools come at extra cost and are extremely powerful and efficient: allow the system to trade automatically if all the conditions are met, faster and better than you could ever do manually.

Multiple Trading Accounts are Allowed

When you choose to trade with Apex, you can trade using multiple accounts using a single login. Other trading companies offer you just one or two accounts, but Apex allows you to use more than two accounts for trading. You can choose multiple accounts to spread the risk and increase your profits. 

Proprietary Ninja Trade Copier.

Copy your trades to 10 accounts: multiply your profits by maintaining a low level of risk, get funded faster and start making profit quicker than by enrolling with a large account. Psychologically it's also easier to manage smaller sizes.

One-Step Evaluation Process

People don't like trading firms' complex evaluation process, where traders have to complete two to three steps to become eligible for funding. It is not the case with Apex Trader Funding because their evaluation process has only one phase

Rapid Funding Process

The funding process takes a maximum of two business days. So you can expect to receive the funding within two business days after you pass the evaluation. Their funding process is rapid when compared to other trading companies. 

Variety of Account Sizes

You are provided with a variety of account sizes to choose from. Accounts vary in terms of starting capital, and you can choose an account according to your budget, as each account comes at a different monthly fee. 

No Daily Drawdowns

Unlike other companies, Apex Trader Funding does not have daily drawdowns that you as a trader have to navigate. The only drawdown you have to deal with their accounts is the trailing drawdown. 

Largest Profit Sharing Ratio

You will be eligible to get 100% of your first $25,000 profit, and afterwards, the profits will be shared in the ratio of 90:10, where you will retain 90 percent of the profit made. 

Free License to NinjaTrader

When you choose Apex Trader Funding to start trading, you will get a free license to NinjaTrader in all their plans, no matter which plan you choose. It will save you money. 

Trading Allowed During News and Holidays

They allow you to trade during holidays and during news releases, which other trading firms do not offer. 

Cons of Apex Trader Funding Program

When it comes to the disadvantages of choosing the Apex Trader Funding program, there are not many things to talk about. 

Monthly Withdrawals

One of the major limitations of choosing Apex Trader is that you can make withdrawals twice a month, and will be limited for the first 3 months (based on your account size) which is not the case with other trading companies; but these limitations are useful in protecting your account, as a matter of fact, you should impose such limits yourself on your own account.

Payout in Stablecoin

Payouts are available via bank wire, Paypal, or cryptocurrency USDT.

Active Trailing Drawdown during Evaluation

The trailing drawdown is active during the evaluation process, so you have to remain attentive to avoid failing the evaluation process.  


Choosing Apex Trader Funding to start trading is good because they offer you everything needed to get success in futures trading. They provide you the option to reset your Apex account. Also, you will be provided access to a free license to NinjaTrader. 

Darrell has been extremely generous with his time, and he even shared how their business model works, check this out:

We do start everyone out in a sim account as some traders as you know just blow it first day and our goal is good risk management to protect the trader and the Customers. If they are doing well we can copy them via api into our prop account and if they continue to do well we move them fully to prop.  This may be oversharing but I want to be fully transparent. All this information is on our faq page as well.

We also have traders doing great pulling out payments monthly and even traders pulling out 6 figures in a month. 

We pay timely to both affiliates and traders via wire, paypal and crypto usdt.”

Your opinion.

Your opinion matters! Come visit my Instagram or Facebook page, leave your comment: I post every video about the funders on my Instagram TV, let's have the conversation over there so as to include as many people as possible.



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