What if a 20+ years trading desk veteran was competing by your side on a 150K$ challenge by Topsteptrader? Step by step!

Let’s make 81$K in profit for ourselves!
No need to risk your savings!

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This is the best chance you, I, WE ever had at trading successfully!

For serious traders only.

I’m so happy that Will from Retailfade, the trading desk veteran I mentioned earlier, decided to embrace this project!

DISCLAIMER: we do not foresee the future. I am not Nostradamus. Will is not a wizard; but he is putting his name on the line for this, so I’m totally confident this is going to be a great success! Enrolling in Will’s room will improve you trading results greatly no matter what!

As for myself I believe in Will, I know what his risk plan is going to be, I know his trading style, I have seen him trading live with great results for well over a year now, so..

I’ll be enrolling in the challenge, follow Will every day, trade as he does, meet me in Retailfade room.

So what do you need to step on your path to making 81K$ of profit all yours to keep:

  1. read all about Will in my page dedicated to Retailfade.
  2. listen to Will’s interview over there, get to know the man and his trading style.
  3. enroll in Will’s room: this is the best investment you can make for yoursefl! Pricey but worth every penny! DISCOUNT CODE worth 280$: fundedmay
  4. read Will’s instructions on his site.
  5. go through all the training material available on Retailfade’s website: course on market profile and more, webinars on risk management, on scalping, tons of very useful material.
  6. The challenge will be for a 150K account with Topsteptrader.
  7. Will is going to be trading S&P500 during the US market session.
  8. But he isn’t going to stop here: we are going to grow together the 150K account all the way up to 250K$ (in about a few months, this is my guess).
  9. Topsteptrader gives 100% of the first 5K$ to the trader, then keeps 20% of the profits. So the total for you is a nice profit of 81K$!
  10. If you don’t understand how we went from 150K$ to 81K$ in profit perhaps trading isn’t for you…
  11. nonetheless, just e-mail me for any clarification, I’ll be more than happy to chat with you!
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