Reflections on trading the 150K$ challenge by Topsteptrader with Will.

This project is now concluded.

Will obtained funding from Topsteptrader.

What I have learned from this experience.

I was so happy when in June 2020 Will from Retailfade, the trading desk veteran I mentioned earlier, decided to enrol in this project!

A short recap of the whole experience:

Will had to reset the challenge once, which is proof of how hard it is to trade successfully within the risk parameters imposed by Topsteptrader.

At this stage he lowered further his risk and became even more selective with the trades he wanted to take, and because we moved into summer trading (bizarre volumes, awkward price know..summer trading!) the pace of the challenge slowed down a fair bit.

We are now in September and Will managed to get funded, which is great as it proves that by being very patient and controlling risk the challenge can be passed (twice!).

As the number of members in his room interested in this process is rather low I was told by Will that he is interrupting the project here, instead of working his way to 100K$ profit as planned; I understand this especially because his trading style and risk parameters on his own account are very different, he makes between 10 and 50 points every day during the US session in there.

Ah, I also had confirmation that I’m terrible at copy trading; I’m stubborn and like to trade my own ideas, I can’t just stick to someone else’s plan.

I also had confirmation of the fact that to trade within the challenge confinements we need to be extremely cautious and keep risk parameters very low, and a lot of patience.

What you can do to find out more about Retailfade:

  1. read all about Will in my page dedicated to Retailfade.
  2. listen to Will’s interview over there, get to know the man and his trading style.
  3. read Will’s instructions on his site.
  4. go through all the training material available on Retailfade’s website: course on market profile and more, webinars on risk management, on scalping, tons of very useful material.
  5. just e-mail me for any clarification, I’ll be more than happy to chat with you!
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