2018-11-12 Raffaele

I am trading my way into The Gauntlet challenge with Earn2Trade.

…and how is it going?

GOLD short : +19 ticks

Easy trade today for me!

pay attention: NOTHING is easy in trading!

Simple trade for me today!

That’s better 😉

S&P500 kind of stuck in a range between Daily MA104 and MA208, range trading can be very profitable, but this range is too wide really, price is inside the Ichimoku Cloud, so there is no clear trend.

Gold though is way below the Ichimoku Cloud, it recently broke Daily MA 52, so it MAY be bearish today.

Overnight the price broke below Pivot P, it just made a small retracement, what if it’s headed towards S1?

I don’t have my Savius Slope Rider set-up as yet so I’ll just trade the least I can by looking at price movement.

I enter a short order and the price promptly moves down. It bounces of before reaching S1, and as soon as it goes down a little I take my profit, also because S&P seems to be moving lower (remember: they should go on opposite directions).

So, first day on the Gauntlet, is Monday, I don’t have the Slope Rider set: +19 ticks is a sweet profit! take it and run away!

Not bad to be done with trading at 9:30 of a Monday morning right?!

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