2018-11-14 Raffaele

I am trading my way into The Gauntlet challenge with Earn2Trade.

…and how is it going?

Remember: the difference from all the other funders in The Gauntlet by Earn2Trade is that you won’t break any rule if trading while important data are released, and this gives great peace of mind!

We still need to be extremely careful with the news and data releases, yet we are free to trade if we want to, and opportunity may arise.

I am trading on the 15′ chart with the Savius Slope Rider Strategy on.

The other indicators are: Pivot levels, Moving Average Hull, Volume Value Areas, Linear Regression Channel.

I will write down a tutorial on this.

Slope Rider has colored in 3 candles in blue which means there is an important divergence going on,  and price is below the Regression Channel and in the Buy Volume Value Area.

Slope rider signal hasn’t fired up yet, and price hasn’t crossed the MA Hull so I should have waited, but it hit the important price for support of 2712, and I’m keeping S1 as protection for my Stop Loss (which is a bit further down that I’d like).

S&P500 Long : +27 ticks

On 5′ chart I have confirmation with the Slope Rider Signal, and a little later as well on the 15′ chart.

On the 1h though the Slope Rider hasn’t signalled anything, and this bar just closed right now is at a rather important level: it may break up and move with strength, or retrace down and I’d lose my profit, since today is a day with important US news I’m not being too brave…

Also GOLD is looking like it could bounce back up right now.

I’ve reached my daily target, I’m closing it down here!

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