2018-12-01 Raffaele

I am trading day 12 of The Gauntlet challenge with Earn2Trade.

…and how is it going?

S&P500 short : -15 ticks

Today the G20 begins in Argentina, so news may fuel prices.

I am trading again on the hourly chart in S&P500, price is at a high and if it turns down now it will do so with strength.

09:30 – The Slope rider is firing in the hourly so I enter my short.

15:00 – Price moved down but then regained its bullish trend and hit my Stop Loss.

So visit the dedicated page to learn more about The Gauntlet by Earn2trade.


I’ve renounced my affiliation fee to obtain a juicy 20% discount for you on the cost of The Gauntlet! 😉

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