2018-12-17 Raffaele

I am trading day 22 of The Gauntlet challenge with Earn2Trade.

…and how is it going?

S&P500 short : -10 ticks

09:46 – S&P500 is below pivot P and moving lower, I like the price formation so I enter an order short.

09:58 – price moved up instead and hit my stop loss;

It’s fine to lose 10 ticks, control risk and preserve capital, and you’ll be a successful trader no matter what!

S&P500 short : +36 ticks

12:27 – S&P500 retracement has lost strength, it turned back down again and made a new low so I enter another short.

14:37 – US market hasn’t even opened yet and price has made a pretty large move down, it’s near the bottom of the Regression Channel so I’m exiting the trade with a nice profit!

GOLD Long : +35 ticks

09:19 – Gold bounces off pivot P so I enter an order long.

12:27 – price is moving up slowly, so I move my Stop Loss at brake even, I want to let profits run today.

14:37 – US market hasn’t even opened yet and price made a big move up, so I take my profit right away, it’s far more than my daily target, so I’m happy with this.

So visit the dedicated page to learn more about The Gauntlet by Earn2trade.


I’ve renounced my affiliation fee to obtain a juicy 20% discount for you on the cost of The Gauntlet! 😉

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