2018-12-18 Raffaele

I am trading day 23 of The Gauntlet challenge with Earn2Trade.

…and how is it going?

S&P500 long : -17 ticks

I traded remotely today (while working on another job actually).

I’ve inserted a long order on pure price action, and got it right, but the target was too far away at pivot R1; had I put it at Pivot P, or managed the trade live, I would have taken a nice profit of nearly 40 ticks.

It doesn’t matter, what it matters is to lose small and win big!

So visit the dedicated page to learn more about The Gauntlet by Earn2trade.


I’ve renounced my affiliation fee to obtain a juicy 20% discount for you on the cost of The Gauntlet! 😉

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