2018-12-19 Raffaele

I am trading day 24 of The Gauntlet challenge with Earn2Trade.

…and how is it going?

S&P500 short : -19 ticks

I inserted a short order at lunch time today but my stop loss got hit; had I waited 1 more candle it would have turned into a profitable trade.

The best trade you can do in a day like today with the last decision of the year on interest rates by the FOMC is very simple and can easily be explained with a single image

Stay out of the markets!

Because there will be super high volatility, fuelled by news and tweets and slightest remark can make the price move 100 ticks, besides: you’ll be fighting against massive hyperfast computers running the price and trying to rip you off anything you’ve got in your wallet!

So…suit yourself..

So visit the dedicated page to learn more about The Gauntlet by Earn2trade.


I’ve renounced my affiliation fee to obtain a juicy 20% discount for you on the cost of The Gauntlet! 😉

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