2019-03-14 Raffaele

Slope Rider signals a highly profitable low risk trade 2019-03-14

Slope Rider signal for a short trade today.

Supposing we expected a bounce off this level, the Slope Rider could have been the confirmation needed to enter the trade.
Price is near the Volume Sell Area, and just below the top of the Regression Channel, so it’s a valid signal.
STOP LOSS has to be inserted a few ticks (at least 2) above recent high.
RISK of just about 10 ticks we would have stayed in the trade.

option 1

Trail the Stop Loss just above the MA Hull and ride the move for great profit.

option 2

Targeting the bottom of the Regression Channel, or the nearest pivot, P, this trade would have profited over 40 ticks.

option 3

using 2 contracts. Risk about 20 ticks.

Target 1 at +20 ticks.
Stop Loss at Break Even = 0 risk from here onward.
Target 2 at +40 ticks.
Both would have been hit for a total of +60 ticks.


Savius is a Funder who provides his traders with a complete strategy, easy to follow, and profitable!

This strategy is complete, yet discretionary: yes you still have to switch on your brain! Don’t just get every signal that pops up!

Soon I’ll publish a complete guide to the Slope Rider.

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