2019-03-25 Raffaele

Slope Rider 2 valid buy signals e-mini ES for over 40 ticks each 2019-03-25

Slope Rider: 2 valid signals in E-mini ES for over 40 ticks each!

Since we have had FOMC Interest Rates decision last week, and market behaved wildly on Thursday and Friday, we expect today to be a rest day…probably will be trading mostly in a range.

I’m still improving and changing slightly my trading style myself, I mostly used the 15′ chart so far, but today I am focusing on the 5′ chart;  and I’m not looking at Gold.

What is very important for me is to not overtrade, so to filter most orders that are not valid 100%; I will activate soon these filters in the Slope Rider since there is such option.

Most of the signals today have been in the Volume Value Area, so invalid, and far from the Regression Channel; the Slope Rider identifies divergence based on a big number of indicators, and by buying at the right price we increase our chances to profit greatly!

As you can see in the screenshot I just took (remember that the Volume Areas are dynamic) we could have traded on 2 great signals: early today before opening of European session, and right at the 2nd hour of trading in the US session, which is great because the 1st hour is usually difficult to trade.

Savius is a Funder who provides his traders with a complete strategy, easy to follow, and profitable!

This strategy is complete, yet discretionary: yes you still have to switch on your brain! Don’t just get every signal that pops up!

Soon I’ll publish a complete guide to the Slope Rider.

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