March 26, 2019 Raffaele

I am trading day 2 of my Oneuptrader challenge last chance (I've reset it again).

…and how is it going?

Read here why trading in a challenge is much better than trading in demo.

The truth about trading a Funded Account: will we really make money?

This is a quick step by step guide on how to get funded, how I got funded by Earn2trade, by following my Trading Plan.

E-mini SP500 scalps : -44 ticks

I missed the short at 2835 (I had the sell limit order in than lost confidence); then I took a few trades in the range but lost 11 points, that’s what happens when you trade with a very tight stop loss…

E-mini SP500 long : -16 ticks

17:25 – entered a limit buy order at Mid of day at 2819.75 which got filled now; tight stop loss and take profit at POC 2829.75.

Stopped out.

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