2019-03-27 Raffaele

I am trading day 3 of my Oneuptrader challenge last chance (I've reset it again).

…and how is it going?

Read here why trading in a challenge is much better than trading in demo.

The truth about trading a Funded Account: will we really make money?

This is a quick step by step guide on how to get funded, how I got funded by Earn2trade, by following my Trading Plan.

E-mini SP500 Long : +24 ticks

15:00 – I entered a long order at beginning of US session on Orderflow analysis and levels, as well as following Will from the RetailFade  trading room.

More details to come soon.

I’m learning the way he works, and I believe this can be nicely integrated with the Slope Rider strategy by Savius.

E-mini SP500 long : +30 ticks

17:10 – the price has come down all the way to the level signalled by Will at 2792.75, and slightly lower;

I tried an entry at about 2793 (it’s hard to report on all trades now with this scalping style) but my stop loss got hit (again, I had a buy limit which would have been perfect but removed it at some point);

I entered it again when the Slope Rider signalled a long entry, just 1 contract to limit the risk, see this post here for more details.

Brilliant confirmation of the end of the bearish move, remember: this is a counter-trend strategy! So don’t expect massive moves.

And I hit my target at 2810 which was (because it’s invalidated as soon as the price retraces to it) a Single Print indicated by Will, genius!

I apologise for not being able to post here all the trades in detail as I used to. But:

I am not a trading guru nor a teacher, I am just sharing so that you too believe you can get funded and make trading your profession.

In the meantime I hope I can pass on to you what I learned in time, and some useful resources, exactly like Will’s trading room and the Slope Rider strategy.

Today has been a terribly difficult day to trade, with an extremely strong bearish sentiment, and to make profit on counter-trend with long orders I believe is pretty amazing!

But remember the mantra:




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