2019-04-03 Raffaele

Signal for short in ES by the Slope Rider from Savius just before lunchtime

The trend is undeniably bullish and yet I’ve just entered short?!

The trend so far has been strongly bullish, as seen in the orderflow, and not even negative numbers from the Non Farm Payrolls managed to bring it down much.

The Slope Rider signals a short now that price hit a high for the year, is at the top of the Regression Channel, and also pivot R2, so I feel like my Stop Loss is protected.

I wouldn’t have entered a short here, but I made a tiny profit for the day, and the signal is so good that I cannot pass on it: SL is protected by the pivot R2, we are just going into the lunchtime hour for New York, and my target of 5 points is at pivot R1.

Well, ket see then…

Savius is a Funder who provides his traders with a complete strategy, easy to follow, and profitable!

This strategy is complete, yet discretionary: yes you still have to switch on your brain! Don’t just get every signal that pops up!

Soon I’ll publish a complete guide to the Slope Rider.

Wow! I sure am glad I trusted the Slope Rider and entered that short trade!

I wasn’t on the charts so the trade exit by itself with 5 points profit, if I trailed the Stop Loss just above the MA Hull it would have been even more.

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