2019-05-10 Raffaele

Slope Rider: 1 trade, 28 points in ES!

At least!

Slope Rider: 1 trade, 28 points in ES (or 1400$)!

First of all: it would have netted over 50 points! Wooow! On just this one trade!

Sure, the risk was also 12 points, quite high; but the market gave also plenty of time to enter at a better price, lowering the risk.

I have set-up my chart for ES to the 15′ because of the high volatility, and I find it easier to manage, less nervous, and fewer signals that get invalidated or trades that get stopped; in fact, none would have got stopped today!

Today the Slope Rider signaled 4 valid trades, and by simply having it running in auto-trading all of these would have been profitable!

By how much that depends on the settings of the trailing stop.

I made the mistake of not letting this trade run all the way, my bad…so I only took 19 points in ES! More than satisfactory I would say, it’s the equivalent of 4 times my ideal daily target!

Savius is a Funder who provides his traders with a complete strategy, easy to follow, and profitable!

This strategy is complete, yet discretionary: yes you still have to switch on your brain! Don’t just get every signal that pops up!

Soon I’ll publish a complete guide to the Slope Rider.

Thanks Buddy!


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