Raffa +5900$ in a day! Don’t try this at home!


Raffa +5900$ in a day! Don't try this at home!

Glauco has started his 100K FTMO challenge again.

Monday 29th of July.

+1150$ with just 1 trade!

Russell is pushing low from the open of US markets, and as per plan you can see that Will was more inclined in shorting the market today: so we did! It moved precisely to Will’s level of 2018, at that point we took profit and done for the day.

Tuesday 30th of July.

+315$ with an early morning trade that could have profited well over 20 points.

Looking at the market profile of the night action compared to yesterday I expected price to move down during european session, and as this was confirmed by a Slope Rider signal I took it. I got out when price reached weekly VWAP, yet it kept going down for the whole morning.

For the US session we expected the price to fill the gap up to 3015.50 and so it did (this is a very high probability trade that Will teaches in his room), even though it struggled very much, I didn’t manage to make profit out of this idea.

Wednesday 31st of July.

+5897 $ , thank you FED!

While waiting for the interest cut rate announcement by Powell we took a long entry and closed with 20 points profit or thereabout, 1400$ or so; even though price initially moved down by a lot more than I wished to see, Will’s commentary in the room kept us in the right side and we patiently waited to close in profit.

…and then the FED announcement came and ES crashed..I waited for the press conference and then took advantage of this move down for a large profit. Remember: this isn’t very different from gambling! anything can happen any second in such situation: I only took risk because I want to win the challenge, yet it’s not wise at all to trade this way.

Glauco is back!

-1100$ with some unfortunate trades.

Glauco explains it all in the video above, I wish him best of luck for the next coming days.

Watch the our video of introduction to the 100K CHallenge project here.

In this page you’ll find the strategy, the trading room service, and the funders I recommend.

The truth about trading a Funded Account: will we really make money?

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