+1600$ in day 1 of my Free Repeat 100k challenge by FTMO


+1600$ in day 1 of my Free Repeat 100k challenge by FTMO

This is the best start I could have hoped for!

Free repeat?

A great opportunity that FTMO offers to you all.

I interrupted my first attempt last week as I felt very tired, I had +1.8k in the account but only a week of trading left, so I decided to take advantage of FTMO brilliant rule: second chance for free!

If you don’t break any rule and the balance is positive, you get a second chance to enter the challenge FOR FREE.

So now I’m up +1.6k $ and have a whole month in front of me to achieve the profit target!

Friday 16th of August.

+1.600$ ! In-depth report of how I traded this market.

Watch the video for a more technical than usual and in-depth report of how and why I traded the way I did:

brilliant analysis by Will in the RetailFade room, and Slope-Rider signals confirming rotations!

Watch the our video of introduction to the 100K CHallenge project here.

In this page you’ll find the strategy, the trading room service, and the funders I recommend.

Remember the mantra:




Thanks Buddy!


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