How I PASSED in 7 days FTMO’s 100K Challenge!


How I PASSED in 7 days FTMO's 100K Challenge!

Even though there is a minimum of 10 trading days.

Friday 23rd of August.

24 to 1 reward ratio!

Watch in the video how I took a trade with a double size and a 24 to 1 reward ratio for a +12 K in my challenge!

All I need now is to trade very small for the remainder of the challenge, as long as I comply with the requirement for “50% days in profit”.

Monday 26th of August.

+47$ !  More than enough…

By closing today in profit I have traded thus far 6 days in profit, and 1 in loss: even if I take a small loss in the next 3 coming days I’ll have won the Challenge.

Now onto the Verification: 5% of target for profit, still 5% max fixed drawdown, and 60 days to do so! I’m optimistic!

Watch the our video of introduction to the 100K CHallenge project here.

In this page you’ll find the strategy, the trading room service, and the funders I recommend.

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