Trading Challenge vs Real: lessons learned.


Trading Challenge vs Real: lessons learned.

Glaucos is highly profitable in real, so why has he lost the Challenge?

Do we need a new approach for the Challenge?

Watch the video for the full explanation; here a few points from our conversation:

  1. Glauco’s performance is very good in real: +4% in average every month; with over 90% of trades closed in profit.
  2. Having a 10% target to win the Challenge creates pschological pressure; don’t let this stress become distress!
  3. Do not change your strategy. Yes, you may have to amend your risk and money management.
  4. Apply the strategy but be aware that you may need an exceptional performance!
  5. Simulate the challenge for as long as it takes. Save money from fees!

Watch the our video of introduction to the 100K CHallenge project here.

In this page you’ll find the strategy, the trading room service, and the funders I recommend.

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