2020-05-25 Raffaele

Week 3 recap on 150K challenge step by step.

Over 3K$ in profit!

In the third week Will traded nice and steady, just 1 losing day, and is up 3212$ already!

A third of the challenge profit target by Topsteptrader in just a little over a week of trading.

This is the result of very cautious trading, with minimum position sizing: soon he should be able to increase the size, allow for a little more risk and subsequently catch more profitable movements in price.

Below here is Will pnl from the beginning of the 150K challenge, for more details he is posting a report day by day on his website.


Take a look at the chart for SPX500 from the moment US markets opened on Monday to the closing time on Friday: you can clearly see the market ifound balance therefore price is rangebound.

This didn’t come up as a surprise, nor is unusual activity; today is Memorial Day hence the US markets are closed, but from tomorrow on there is a good probability price will move away from this range, and perhaps find new volatility, let see.

You don’t have to trade the challenge alone anymore!

I am truly grateful that Will has decided to take onboard the challenge, and yes he is struggling a tiny bit as well, so?

What’s more valuable than learning from a great trader working his way through a difficult, volatile, rangebound, news driven market?!

Last week I posted the valuable lessons from week 1 recap.

Last week I posted why I dislike the Reset Button from week 2 recap.

Check out about how Will works in his trading room.

Weekly analysis by Will.

Sunday’s video, available for free to all, created by Will of Retailfade, gives clarity on what happened on the market and what this might mean for the coming week: not a forecast! Stop thinking in these terms.

Be careful everyone!! Study hard, get prepared for an uncertain future.

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