2020-05-31 Raffaele

Week 4 recap on 150K challenge step by step.

To be or not to be…a trader?

In the forth week we had Monday off because of Memorial Day, then unfortunately there has been a technical issue amongst Rithmic Trader and Topsteptrader: a solution was not offered and a reset was the only option.

I know. No comments. I don’t know if the profits accumulated will be put back or not..

Sometimes to avoid a trade is the best trade.

Take a quick look at the images below.


This week Will’s commentary in the trading room and analysis on the markets surely kept me safe! 

Wednesday the 27th volatility came as a bit of a surprise as it was all news driven (Trump fight against Twitter).

Then as you can see from the daily chart Thursday was a real mess (that’s a nasty daily candle).

And on Friday Will didn’t want to trade because he was aware that being the last day of the month the real money wouldn’t be trading (only retail traders) and that Trump was going to perhaps make some announcements on China which came late that day.

I am totally sure that many traders got really hurt in this awful market this week, I hope none of you guys and girls.

So there it is, another valuable lesson learned and reinforced for myself.

You don’t have to trade the challenge alone anymore!

I am truly grateful that Will has decided to take onboard the challenge, and yes he is struggling a tiny bit as well, so?

What’s more valuable than learning from a great trader working his way through a difficult, volatile, rangebound, news driven market?!

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Check out about how Will works in his trading room.

Weekly analysis by Will.

Sunday’s video, available for free to all, created by Will of Retailfade, gives clarity on what happened on the market and what this might mean for the coming week: not a forecast! Stop thinking in these terms.

Be careful everyone!! Study hard, get prepared for an uncertain future.

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