2020-06-07 Raffaele

Week 5 recap on 150K challenge step by step.


Will has managed now to bring the balance in his 150k Challenge by Topsteptrader up to 155.188$!

Well done!

9 profitable days in a row.


Don’t short this …yet!

This week Will’s commentary in the trading room and analysis worked wonders: great price levels, and brilliant trade plans; sure, the market moves nervously these days, and it’s making big moves during the night hours, so occasions are few and hard to catch.

In case you haven’t noticed Nasdaq hit a new high and the US is in heavy turmoil..

Pay attention to this: in the Google search result right below the article about the new high on Friday there is the article about the new high hit back in February…ehmmm….

As Will keeps repeating to us all: we have NO REASON TO SHORT this market… until we do!

And yet a whole bunch of naked point of control and price range gaps are forming below, so we have plenty of levels that once the trend changes (and it will) will work wonders as reference for us.

If you don’t understand what I am talking about it’s about time you check out Will’s trading room, he teaches us the lot in his videos and in his daily analysis.

You don’t have to trade the challenge alone anymore!

I am truly grateful that Will has decided to take onboard the challenge, and yes he is struggling a tiny bit as well, so?

What’s more valuable than learning from a great trader working his way through a difficult, volatile, rangebound, news driven market?!

Valuable lessons from week 1 recap.

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Check out about how Will works in his trading room.

Weekly analysis by Will.

Sunday’s video, available for free to all, created by Will of Retailfade, gives clarity on what happened on the market and what this might mean for the coming week: not a forecast! Stop thinking in these terms.

Be careful everyone!! Study hard, get prepared for an uncertain future.

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