2020-06-19 Raffaele

Week 7 recap on 150K challenge step by step.

No trades?!?!

Will hasn’t traded on the 150k Challenge by Topsteptrader.

With such high volatility, the rollover still completing, then we also had Powell on deck 3 days out of 5, plus today was Quad Witching…quo who? Yeah, I don’t know either, but if Will says he doesn’t trust the markets on this day then I avoid it as well.

In the meantime, I’m just 1K$ away to pass phase 1.

It is not my intent to make these posts about my own trading because:

1- I’m no expert.

2- I’m not teaching trading to anyone.

2- you should really learn from Will: he is the expert! And all he asks for are great students!

I know what you are thinking..

I reset the account! Horror! And I obtained all that profit in just 4 days, I must have taken too much risk…well yes I did!

I want to get over with phase 1 and took larger trades exploiting high volatility.

But that’s the exception for phase 1: also because in phase 2 and once funded I will have to follow the scaling plan.

Remember: it’s called a Challenge because it’s like a race, we need a supportive market and a nearly perfect performance!

Real trading with a large account and decent amount of risk is a totally different beast to tame!

If you don’t understand what I am talking about it’s about time you check out Will’s trading room, he teaches us the lot in his videos and in his daily analysis.

But here is the thing: once I’m funded I don’t feel the pressure of obtaining a +6% in as little time as possible, and I’m completely at peace with myself with trading just 1 or 2 contracts, and make 20 or even just 10 ES points profit a day, equal to 1000$ or 500$, gross; subtracting the share that goes to Topsteptrader and the government (aaah the beauty of taxes..) let’s round it down to 500$ or 250$ net!

That’s a generous salary for working from home with very little stress.

As a matter of fact I have had much better results during the european session these past weeks.

What I enjoy the most about trading with Will in the Retailfade trading room is his point of view as a veteran desk pro: if he believes the market won’t give you opportunities, you might just as well stay out and enjoy the day off.

The Trial Membership is back!

Will brought back the access to his room on a trial, check it out, it won’t last for long.

You don’t have to trade the challenge alone anymore!

I am truly grateful that Will has decided to take onboard the challenge, and yes he is struggling a tiny bit as well, so?

What’s more valuable than learning from a great trader working his way through a difficult, volatile, rangebound, news driven market?!

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