2020-09-30 Raffaele

150K$ Challenge with me and my indicator.

Day 6

+800$ grab and run!!!

So last night’s presidential debate tanked the markets: 2 old men insulting each other, just beautiful! 2020 what a year.. I’ll watch the debate’s downlights just for fun.. downlights get it?! 😀 sorry I can’t help it…

I’ve added +800$ in profit today hence I’m up +5.160$ in my Gauntlet Mini 150K$ !

So markets kind of tanked during the night, close to european open it seemed ready for a bit of a bounce, but we need to be extremely careful in such days.

There was a very nice valid signal on ES for a long entry so even though being very cautious I took it, and left with profit and it’s not even 10am!!!


I show you in the video why I’m happy to leave even in a day with such potential: just watch what happened yesterday 😉

DISCOUNT available 20% just visit Earn2trade’s website.

I’ll do my best to release my indicator soon, feel free to let me know if you are interested in it.

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By the way: 50% Lifetime discount on 75K$ Challenge.

Only if you enrol before the end of September.

Lifetime means that the 50% discount will be applied to every renewal for ever until you either cancel your subscription or, much better, you obtain funding! 😉

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