2020-10-01 Raffaele

150K$ Challenge with me and my indicator.

Day 7

+700$ before EU market open.

So it turns out that yesterday’s signal long by my indicator, which I traded for +800$, was the very low of the day.

Am I sad for missing out on a potential massive profit? Honestly I’m not. Who can tell if I would have made the most or a mess of it?

We need to be very honest and humble: let me try explaining what I’ve learned from Will, in the Retailfade Trading Room.

We have 2 kinds of capital. A monetary capital, self-explanatory, and a psychological capital: the more you analyse the market, the more trade ideas you calculate, the more news you read, opinions you hear, the fewer energies and clarity you will have, and trust me I have seen myself taking the weirdest decisions when tired!

So, about today, would you have known in what direction the price in ES was about to go? I did not.

But gladly my indicator did!

Remember: this indicator is great at pointing out when the price is about to change direction; this can be the beginning of a new trend or just a counter-trend rotation.

I closed the trade when the price reached the previous high from last evening, I was pleased to see that also the indicator gave a signal confirming my idea.

Price can go anywhere, even up 50 points from here easily now…compounding profits is the right way to go: don’t focus on the homerunner trades!

So, I’ve added +700$ in profit today with 1 easy quick trade, hence I’m up +5.825$ in my Gauntlet Mini 150K$ !

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I’ll do my best to release my indicator soon, feel free to let me know if you are interested in it.

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