2020-10-02 Raffaele

150K$ Challenge with me and my indicator.

Day 8

FOMO? Not me!

Could it be that my indicator signalled the low for the day AGAIN?

And I took only 14 points out of a massive 55 points?

Today the sad news about POTUS and FLOTUS catching coronavirus tanked the markets, but these recovedered swiftly after.

So 3 possible outcomes:

  1. we make a ton of money
  2. we overtrade and lose a lot of money
  3. we follow the indicator and trade safely within our risk and happily close the week with another +700$

Look at this beautiful signal!

So, I’ve added +700$ in profit today with 1 easy quick trade, hence I’m up +6.525$ in my Gauntlet Mini 150K$ !

DISCOUNT available 20% just visit Earn2trade’s website.

I’ll do my best to release my indicator soon, feel free to let me know if you are interested in it.

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By the way: 50% Lifetime discount on 75K$ Challenge.

This promotion has been extended for the whole month of October!

Lifetime means that the 50% discount will be applied to every renewal for ever until you either cancel your subscription or, much better, you obtain funding! 😉

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