Interview with Earn2trade lead education coordinator and trader: Christopher Gray

Interview with Earn2trade lead education coordinator and trader: Christopher Gray



Who are you? What’s your background?

My name is Christopher Gray, and I am the Lead Education Coordinator at Earn2Trade. I have been an active forex/futures/options trader for approximately 15 years. 

Can you tell us a little bit about you as a trader? 

As far as my trading style goes, I am strongly rooted in price action, and piecing the “puzzle” together with coordinating time frames. I generally start my weekly analysis on monthly candlestick charts, marking off key levels, and progressively working my way through each adjacent timeframe lower. I tend to execute around 2-5 trades a day.

What is Earn2trade today and what will it be in, let say, 2020? Will you add Forex as well to The Gauntlet?

Earn2Trade represents an amazing opportunity for aspiring professional traders and will continue to do so in 2025. We bridge the gap to one of the most crucial tools a trader uses on a daily basis, funding capital. Making an income trading no longer needs to be reserved for those with a gigantic bank account, and with our Gauntlet series of examinations candidates need only focus on the skills required. We expect the company to continue to grow in new and existing markets while maintaining the “safe-environment appeal” to prospective candidates. The company is looking at opportunities to provide the same service in Forex, but is doing so cautiously to ensure that it can be done in accordance with any regulatory frameworks.

What’s the biggest achievement you have had from Earn2Trade thus far? And in your life?

Personally, I am not the type to boast about large winnings, and as such , I would say my biggest achievement in the trading world is my ability to be in a position to work with traders from around the world on a daily basis. This allows me to feel a sense of true worth when I see them better themselves after my help.

How do you see the future of trading? More and more small proxy traders or will the robots take over? 🙂


I believe that trading will always have a degree of human accessibility, because after all, the survival of us is beneficial to those that own the robots 😉

Some people say that Trading success is due for 80% to the right psychology, would you agree? What’s Earn2Trade training approach?

 I would say that psychology is easily one of the largest factors that determines the success of a trader, but obviously a sound strategy is also a requirement. At Earn2Trade, our examinations help candidates to refine their psychological approach to trading by maintaining their discipline and not breaching any of the well-defined rules.

Who are the traders that enrolled in The Gauntlet in 2018 and have succeeded to get funded? What’s the “secret” of those who perform well and obtain funding?

Our biggest market presence is in the Americas, although we are growing rapidly in other markets as well. We have candidates of all ethnicities, throughout the world, and while the majority of our candidates are men there is a significant female minority. It is one of the amazing things modern technology has allowed: our ability to interact and help people far, far away.We haven’t finished 2020 and specifically only calculate these rates annually as there is a lot of work to do, including removing duplicates. However we can say roughly 10% of individuals who take the exam acquire funding. While that number may seem small to some, it’s a significant percent when it comes to trading, and in the last six and a half months the company has helped over 550 traders get funding.

What is your own key to success? I, for myself, believe that only a content and healthy person can be a profitable trader: my performance improved drastically since I returned in Italy (from London) to my family and friends, and have an active outdoorsy lifestyle.


The most important thing I personally focus on, is my mental state as well as my discipline while trading. I make sure I am not allowing myself to become emotionally compromised, positively or negatively, while also adhering to my predetermined rule set to allow post analysis/critiques to be far more possible due to constants.

If trading can be taught and learned in just 4 months, why isn’t everyone we know a profitable full time trader? The 1 thing you would recommend traders start doing today so to get better results tomorrow?


Trading is different for everyone. No two people are alike. The speed at which an individual’s brain grasps a topic is unique to them. At Earn2Trade, we do our best to expedite this process through the wisdom of those of us that have already walked that path. The number one thing I would recommend for new traders is to stick to a demo account until they have at least a solid month of sustainable, repeatable results. Don’t let your ego control your actions.

People unfamiliar with the world of trading believe it’s a nest full of snakes (Hollywood movies don’t help..), I’ve had very positive experiences so far from very nice and enthusiastic people: what can we all do to improve on this?


The financial world is indeed a world full of snakes and scams, but, it would be incredibly incorrect to assume that everyone is out here to take advantage of you. The trick is using common sense and asking questions to discover if someone really has your best interests at heart. 

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