2020-10-21 Raffaele

Get funded again with my indicator and LEELOO

Day 3

OK cool…but stay HUMBLE!

I’m already halfway through my 15 contracts challenge with LEELOO: +4.811$ in 3 days.

But was it really such an easy day to trade? Not really..what do you think?

Why leaving on the table a larger profit?!

As you can see in the above images I was actually losing over 1K$, so what made me keep trading today?

To put it simply:

  • I have good clear levels for today.
  • Even though I have been on the charts for about 10 hours I feel confident and not all that tired.
  • I took a couple of losses today but I’m not too disappointed by them, more about it in the video.

I closed the trade quite early, so why leave such potential profits on the table? Because I’m already in profit! And good clean locked-in profit is 1000% better than “potential” profit!

So I managed to obtain a 15% discount for all of you, you must use my affiliate link and this coupon code to obtain it PUOGWCOU, you are welcome 😉

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By the way: 50% Lifetime discount on 75K$ Challenge.

This promotion has been extended for the whole month of October!

Lifetime means that the 50% discount will be applied to every renewal for ever until you either cancel your subscription or, much better, you obtain funding! 😉

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