Interview with Savius CEO: Tiziano Brunno

Interview with Savius CEO: Tiziano Brunno



Who are you? What’s your background?

I have been a full time trader since 2014, clearly my studies began a few years earlier, trying to make my job coexist with the study of financial markets.

In 2016 I learned about Savius and a public contest sponsored by the infinity futures broker.
I sign up and qualify for second place after exchanging the first position with the winner practically every day, eventually finishing just behind.

Savius still decides to reward me, having seen that for the entire duration of the contest I had been playing for the victory, giving me the opportunity to manage a funded account.

From there, through many ups and downs, I went from Junior trader to Senior and since 2018 I have become an integral part of the company with the role of risk manager.

In 2020 Savius was acquired by a new owner and I am offered the opportunity to fill the role of CEO, a position that I fill with great enthusiasm today.

Can you tell us a little bit about you as a trader? (Intraday or multi-day?)

I am an intraday trader, even though I have changed my approach over time.
Initially I worked exclusively on medium-long term charts, more because of work and time reasons. Subsequently, by transforming this activity into my main job, I changed tools and time horizon.

What is Savius today and what will it be in, let say, 2025? Will you add Forex as well to the challenge?

We are investing and growing a lot on the Italian market and beyond.
I believe that in 2025 we will be the reference reality for the European market at this rate.
We currently do not operate on Forex or CFDs.

We specialize in futures and we strongly believe that it is worthwhile to operate on regulated markets. Furthermore, with the arrival of micro futures CFDs are becoming less and less useful even for low-capitalized traders. As regards currency pairs, we offer the opportunity to operate on their respective futures currencies.

What’s the biggest achievement you have had from Savius thus far? And in your life?

As mentioned earlier, I joined Savius as a user and grew up within it.
Without this “lever” I would hardly have been able to take the step to go “pro”.
Before being funded, I had limited personal capital with which I felt the constant pressure of performance.

At the same time, I feel like saying that on a professional level being where I am now is already an “over target”.

Obviously, as is normal, with each goal reached, the bar must be moved to a higher level.

As far as private life is concerned, I have other targets to reach that concern exclusively my family.

How do you see the future of trading? More and more small proxy traders or will the robots take over? 🙂


Robots or rather AI in general is growing very rapidly in all sectors.

I believe that there is still room on the markets to invest with the discretionary human component.

In my imagination I still see the man able to beat the car (I’m an 80 ‘, grown up watching terminator and robocop)

Back to serious, I’m not entirely convinced that automatic systems, robot advisors, etc. will take over 100%, at least as far as our sector is concerned.

Some people say that Trading success is due for 80% to the right psychology, would you agree? What’s Savius training approach?

That the emotional component is very important is beyond a shadow of a doubt and I believe that any pro trader cannot contradict me.

It is also true, however, as I usually repeat during coaching with the guys from the “Savius trading camp”, that the markets do not move with the power of thought.

By this I mean that both the emotional and behavioral aspect but also the technical aspect must be weighed on the scales.

I can also be a “Buddha” on a psychological level, but if I have a losing strategy, I will continue to lose money on the markets.

So I would feel like summing up our approach with a 50/50.

Who are the traders that enrolled with Savius in 2018 and have succeeded to get funded? What’s the “secret” of those who perform well and obtain funding?

In 2020 we mainly restarted from the Italian market, therefore for now we have a majority of Italian traders. They are predominantly male and 25 years of age and older. We currently have some traders in the bargaining phase who will start “live” shortly.
The secret, after years of monitoring, I believe is to proceed step by step.
All those who exaggerated in terms of size and careless risk management did not last long.

It is essential to have the patience to grow your equity without excessive shock by controlling the risk as much as possible. Performance in absolute terms is of little use if the risk profile adopted is oversized. Remember that we operate on futures and that market swings are sometimes violent and without warning.

What is your own key to success? I, for myself, believe that only a content and healthy person can be a profitable trader: my performance improved drastically since I returned in Italy (from London) to my family and friends, and have an active outdoorsy lifestyle.


You said something very important. Success, as I see it, is not measured by the amount of money accumulated. Personally, my goal has always been to be the master of my time and not depend on anyone. Ambitious target, but not impossible.

If trading can be taught and learned in just 4 months, why isn’t everyone we know a profitable full time trader? The 1 thing you would recommend traders start doing today so to get better results tomorrow?


Good question that deserves a very detailed answer.
First of all, it is not certain that a strategy used by one trader can be good for another ..

It is often not understood how important it is to develop a “tailor-made” methodology.

Each of us has a different personality, comes from a different social and cultural background, has their own beliefs matured on the importance of money and consequently each trader has his own risk profile and his own personal approach that cannot be replicated. faithfully.

Mismanagement of size is often the main cause of the negative loop on a psychological level.

My advice is to create a “confident” operating environment within which there is the margin to collect losses without excessively affecting the economic and above all psychological capital.

Once we have learned how to manage emotionality with small sizes, the gradual transition will lead us to progressively rise in level, a bit like a sportsman who lifts weights in the gym.

People unfamiliar with the world of trading believe it’s a nest full of snakes (Hollywood movies don’t help..), I’ve had very positive experiences so far from very nice and enthusiastic people: what can we all do to improve on this?


Unfortunately, people with very low ethics have over the years ridden the world of online sales of courses and webinars in an incredible way.

Having no barriers to entry makes trading accessible to anyone, which translates into misleading advertising where dreams and false hopes are sold.

Clearly, the unwary on duty, once they have experienced the negative experience due to these characters who promote themselves as trainers without being real traders, point the finger accusing the entire sector.

The minimum fundamental requirement that every trainer should publish before proposing anything, is the real trading results achieved with the operation of him.

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