Earn2trade review

Earn2trade review

My review of Earn2trade.

About the company.

Earn2trade is a fairly young company, based in Sheridan, WY, USA that educates traders and offers access to capital to trade Futures, included Micro contracts; it’s a solid and well structured company, with excellent customer support in multiple languages. They require the trader to pass just 1 phase, they offered initially only The Gauntlet:a 60 days long evaluation program with static drawdown, then introduced The Gauntlet Mini which is more similar to the programs other funders such as Topstep and Uprofit offer.

Online presence.

They built a strong community and online presence in a relatively short time. Read my interview to Christopher Gray: the lead education coordinator.

Education and tools offered.

Education is their biggest strength: a crash course with 60 videos, each 6′-10′ long, which is also offered complimentary when you enrol in an evaluation program; and the 4 months long Bootcamp: video lessons and webinars, 1 to 1 mentor, performance review, preparation and access to The Gauntlet. You may use for free their platform Finamark, NinjaTrader8 and Journalytix.

Programs and rules.

The Gauntlet Mini are the most successful programs on offer: with just 1 phase, no need to be flat over economic releases, monthly subscription hence all the time you need to reach profit target; beware the trailing drawdown: it keeps in consideration both unrealized losses and profits. The Gauntlet classic is rather different: with 1 fixed payment, duration 60 days, static drawdown, allows to hold trades open overnight, available only with 25K$.


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My opinion.

I have had great communication with Earn2trade ever since they were founded, I believe it’s a very serious company that can be trusted; I believe The Gauntlet is the best evaluation program out there, I wish it was available with a larger nominal account; I dislike strongly the way the trailing drawdown is calculated in The Gauntlet Mini: by keeping in consideration also the unrealized profits the trader is pushed into closing profitable trades sooner rather than later, it’s not a good lesson to teach.

Your opinion.

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