LEELOO review

LEELOO review

My review of LEELOO.

About the company.

LEELOO, by Natural Trading LLC,  is a funder to Futures traders (and micro futures) based in Montana, USA, founded by a family of traders and cattle ranchers; they offer a range of programs not dissimilar to those offered by Earn2trade, with just 1 phase to pass and 2 rules: max loss and profit target, that’s it! The Express program is possibly one of the most simple and affordable ways to get started with futures. 100% of first 8K$ in profit goes to the trader. They allow the trader to hold multiple funded accounts at once which is interesting, they recommend no more than 6. After 12 months of trading the funded account they raise the trader’s profit share from 80% to 90%!

Online presence.

Their online presence could definitely be improved;

Education and tools offered.

Close to none.

Programs and rules.

All their programs allow to trade mini and micro futures, the 100K Glide program is specifically designed for micro traders: with a static drawdown and holding positions open overnight allowed. The other programs have only 2 rules: reach the profit target and don’t hit the max loss; beware of the trailing drawdown: it considers both unrealized losses and profits, and it doesn’t stop (during the evaluation only,not in funded) at the initial balance.


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My opinion.

Customer service is pretty good and enrolment process very fast. The trailing drawdown is the most aggressive in the business: I would recommend enrolling and wait to take the first trade when you have the best biggest super trading idea so to distance yourself from the max loss. They have a specific approach to withdrawals for the funded account, you are better read about it before enrolling to avoid disappointment, but they pay well and in time, so no problem here.

Your opinion.

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Watch this short video to get a good idea about LEELOO: the company, the online presence, the rules and evaluation programs.

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