LEELOO review

LEELOO review

Our in-depth review of LEELOO Trading.

Updated on: 2022-01-07

Is Leeloo legit? 

Let’s learn in this LEELOO review if they are right for you, let me introduce them:

LEELOO is a prop house specialized in future contracts, which means that they provide capital to be managed by their traders, the risk is all on their shoulders.

LeeLoo’s rules are quite transparent and give you the choice of nine opportunities starting at $ 25,000 with three contracts, up to $ 300,000 with thirty contracts. 

Their peculiarity is that you will only have to go through one phase in this challenge, and for the first 8K you will earn 100% of the profit, but we will talk about that later.

The rules for traders are much more lenient than other competitors: during the news it is allowed to trade and keep positions open even at night are not an expulsion criterion (only for some programs).

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Watch this short video to get a good idea about LEELOO: the company, the online presence, the rules and evaluation programs.

The origins of Leeloo.

“The traditional values of farming and agriculture meet trading and,

as our traders say, Leeloo demonstrates Respect, Integrity, Honesty “

It is with this phrase that Leeloo introduces itself to his investors … now we’ll understand if they truly reflect it.

Leeloo Trading was born out of Natural Trading LLC, a Montana-registered company founded by Jody Dahl. The founders are a family of ranchers and ranches from Roundup, Montana, specializing in Charolais cattle.

There are three main members of their team:

Jody Dahl (co-founder)it is interesting that in her Linkedin Leeloo is not mentioned … 

Jacque Jacobsen (CEO): here, too, no mention of Leeloo in his Linkedin, no photos anywhere;

Brett Debruycker (co-founder): there is a lot of information about him related to running ranches and livestock.

The founders of Leeloo Trading love what they do, they are the third generation of farmers and ranchers in their family and they are very good at their business. They have launched many successful projects in Montana, from what they tell them why we have no proof.

Believe it or not, Leeloo Trading is run on a farm, but there is no address ……. and it is difficult to find information about them.

On the site you cannot find the page that talks about the company, you will only find it by searching for it with a search engine.

Does LEELOO pay punctually?

I did not find any videos showing Leeloo’s payments, but there are also no comments that say otherwise, and I received positive feedback from some of you, so I deduce that the payments are there and that they are real.

LeeLoo Trading’s profit withdrawal rules vary based on whether you are in an Accelerator or Investor account. I explore the topic further in the dedicated section of this Leeloo’s review, but I anticipate that withdrawals are processed once a month.

Leeloo’s payouts always occur on the 15th of the month and usually take 5 working days. This means that if a payment occurs after the 15th of the current month, it will carry over to the next month, so always submit your requests on time.

Profits are collected by paper check, bank transfer or PayPal. There are no fees for withdrawals. PayPal withdrawals are limited to a maximum of $ 2,000.

Unlimited time to win the challenge.

In the tender phase, once a month, you will be charged the subscription fee to the program you’ve chosen (except for Leeloo Express which is every 14 days), therefore you have unlimited time to reach the profit target; this fee covers everything, including access to NinjaTrader and futures data.

Failure of an evaluation does not automatically cancel your subscription. You will continue to be billed every 30 days unless you cancel your subscription yourself – no refunds will be issued unless you remember to do so.

Some traders have complained about this.

Please note that once canceled: Leeloo CANNOT restore your account and will expire on the date indicated.

Is it difficult to get capital to trade with LEELOO TRADING?

Are you ready to throw yourself into the heart of this Leeloo review and learn about the opportunities you will have? .. Let’s go!

First of all, what you have to do is choose your program with Leeloo Trading paying attention to the various peculiarities. When you have chosen, pay the registration fee and in less than an hour you’ll receive your Rithmic credentials: you are now officially in the race!

Leeloo is interesting because it gives beginners the opportunity to enter the trading world with a quantity of three contracts and then manage large accounts with as many as thirty contracts.

Unlike TOPSTEP, LEELOO races have only two rules and require only one phase to qualify.

The rules are more or less the same as for most lending companies: profit target, maximum loss limit (fixed and trailing, depending on the program).

Unlike other funders, they do not impose a daily loss limit, and you can trade during the most relevant economic news, such as GDP, unemployment data etc.

In the Glide program you can keep orders open even when the market is closed, swing trading for you.

You will need to trade for at least ten days – only active trading days count as qualifying days.

Even if you reach your goal in three days you must continue trading.

Remember that the days considered are those of the market and not those of the calendar!

Leeloo does not want quick profits, but rather constant profits that increase daily, even placing a single trade with a tick or two to mature the goal is not what they are looking for: at the same time it is not a well-defined rule, so you are also financed if you apply this strategy.

All ten days of activity must take place on the same account number that has reached the goal. It is not possible to combine several different numbers, for example 6 days with LL000907-002 and 4 days with LL000907-003.

However, if you decide to reset the race, the trading days carried out so far are also reset.

Leeloo Express: trading Futures becomes very affordable.

The race called LeeLoo Express differs from the others in some respects: let’s see them together because I’m sure that something will pique your curiosity.

The characteristics for this race are:

You can trade with $ 100,000, you will have 12 contracts available. 

Your goal will be $ 6,000 in profit, with a maximum loss limit of $ 3,000 (trailing).

For this, you will pay only $ 77 every 14 days! 

A pretty good opportunity don’t you think?

Get your $ 77 refunded when you pass the race. This is the only evaluation competition that provides for the reimbursement of the registration fee.

10 days and ONLY 10 days.

You have to complete it by day 10 or you don’t pass it (in the other races you can take all the time you want).

In case you do not reach the profit goal, LEELOO allows you to register for a new tender (paying the due registration) and to maintain the profits obtained up to that moment; the total number of trading days are also maintained, and then combined with the futures to reach the total of 10 days.

I highly recommend this competition if you prefer to trade “quickly” with a maximum limit of ten days, perhaps for a period when volatility is high, or you feel rather confident about your market forecast. The fact that your money is returned and the price is pretty much the lowest of all their accounts is a bargain.

The Glide program: the choice for the swing trader.

This special program has some features that I am sure you will find interesting.

It costs only $ 145 per month.

Unique in its kind is the fact that the maximum loss limit of $ 625 is static: during this race, in fact, you never have to reach the account value of $ 99,375; at the same time this limit is immobile: it means that even when you get profits it does not go up, as it happens for the races with the maximum loss limit to climb.

 Your profit target will be $ 2,000. This special account requires a minimum of 10 active trading days, no maximum limit.

Attentive to risk management!

You will have up to 2 mini contracts / 20 micro contracts available.

Be cautious because with the risk so low the loss limit is reached very quickly with 2 E-Mini contracts.

I advise you to start, in fact, with micro contracts (10 micro are equivalent to an E Mini contract, read my ultimate guide to micro futures here): doing this allows the downsizing of the capital and partial profits, but this will allow the account to grow: always keep in mind the risk, less the better.

Glide membership renews every thirty days unless canceled and your first day begins with the purchase (not with the first trade).

You can keep orders open during the economic news and, very importantly, overnight, more precisely when the markets are closed: it is therefore ideal for all swing traders.

Once you pass the assessment, your starting balance will be $ 100,000.

You got funded! Now choose: Accelerator or Investor?

First of all, you should know that LEELOO requires a monthly fee of $ 88 for PA (Paid Performance Account) for the management of the funded account, and includes access to future data.

In case you are a professional trader (if you don’t know what it means you are probably not) the cost to access live future data is very high: $ 115 per month per group of instruments, if for example you need data for the S&P500 , gold and oil, you have to pay for access to three sets of data: $ 345 per month!

In this review by Leeloo I also inform you that you will have to make a choice regarding the management of your funded account: at the time of financing you will have to choose whether to have an Accelerator or Investor account.

Once you have qualified and have chosen the type of account this CANNOT be changed. So decide very carefully !!

The Accelerator account is very similar in features to the Glide program (but I immediately stress that it is available for any challenge you have participated in), it initially offers two contracts or twenty micro contracts and a maximum static loss limit of $ 625.

You are entitled here to hold trades open overnight, for a max of 3 micro contracts.

This account has unlimited growth potential: in fact, as you earn you will have more and more contracts available.

The Investor account, on the other hand, allows you to trade all your contracts from day one.

If, for example, you had ten contracts available during the evaluation phase, with the Investor you will be able to carry out transactions with all ten immediately.

However, it is not possible to add further contracts.

Here you will need to trade for 30 trading days before making your first withdrawal, and will be capped at 1750$ for the first 4 months, while no limits are imposed from the 5th month onward.

100% of your profits on the first 8K$.

In both Investor and Accelerator accounts you will have 100% of the profits for each of your funded accounts (you may have up to 6 of these, remember?!) for the first $ 8,000!

After the first $ 8,000 you will have 80% for the first year and 90% after twelve months.

You don’t see many of these offers around, to be honest.

Are you using the correct trading platform?

Leeloo provides traders with the continued use of a FREE license key for the NinjaTrader platform, other lenders also offer NT during the challenge, but LEELOO is the only one to let you access even once you are funded.

This will allow you significant savings: about $ 600 per year.

License keys or fees associated with the use of trading platforms other than Ninjatrader are the responsibility of the trader.

Taxation for the prop trader.

The responsibility for declaring profits lies with the trader himself according to the laws of the country in which he resides: you may declare this income as retribution for work done with Leeloo, not as capital gain, therefore be liable for a much lower tax rate; you must check with your accountant first of course.

Does LEELOO really want you to win?

The education offered by LEELOO Trading is a bit meager.

No educational center: LEELOO does not offer products or courses; if you are a novice trader it will be useful to be educated and educated on the markets also on your own before approaching the races. This is why some traders have introduced various requests for more services from their site.

However, LEELOO offers something: the educational program is focused on the individual, if you want you can privately book sessions based on your level of experience, your trading method and how you approach the markets.

Each session costs $ 250 and the courses range from basics to market structure, trading patterns, charts and volumes, rather than OHLC bars and candles.

Leeloo Trading works with a limited number of traders per month to maintain the quality of education and provides all the necessary support while learning.

My opinion? I would expect to have a good amount of information on the trading coach before paying such a high fee.

Can we vouch for LEELOO TRADING?

On Trustpilot, Leeloo’s negative reviews are equal to positive ones: for a total of four reviews, one very negative, one very positive, and two of medium quality; too few to really take in consideration.

On Leeloo’s website you will find a page entirely dedicated to the testimonies of the various traders who have passed Leeloo’s competitions, but there are no real contacts to have a chat and compare yourself with them.

My final opinion on LEELOO.

Bottom line, Leeloo is not as bad as other prop houses.

It is a small company that is growing in popularity and the conditions for obtaining a funded account are pretty good: only two rules to respect and a tender phase to win.

Here at funded-trader we strongly believe in the educational value of trading in these competitions: Leeloo’s competitions are so sparse in rules that they can be passed easily, but they are not a good training tool.

The way in which Leeloo manages the financed account, (including the fact that the trader has access to all future data by paying a small sum, 88 $, compared to other lenders) suggests that you always trade in SIM: it is not a problem in my opinion as long as Leeloo is punctual in paying the profits, and as far as I know they are.

LEELOO competitions are suitable for any type of trader.

You can initially use a small account up to scale with larger accounts compatible with your abilities: when you feel comfortable you can trade with more contracts.

Technical support by email is very fast and can help you make the right decision. Another advantage is the free NinjaTrader license: with Leeloo Trading, you pay nothing for the trading platform.


  1. In all tenders, the use of micro contracts is allowed. 
  2. Only one stage of the competition. 
  3. For the first $ 8,000 you will earn 100%. 
  4. After a year of funded account you will have 90% of the profits. 
  5. Up to six funded accounts per trader are allowed. 
  6. Is interesting the Glide account allows you to do Swing trading (you can hold positions overnight) with a static loss of $ 625. 
  7. LeeLoo Express is fast and affordable, ideal for those who have never tried a trading challenge, and when you will pass it and you will have the reimbursement of the registration fee.

Not so positive:

  1. Withdrawal of profits is limited in sum and time, I understand the educational value in this, but limits are a bit too small in my opinion. 
  2. No frills: no training materials for the trader.
  3. Overall slightly unprofessional as a brand

Your opinion.

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