Savius review

Savius review

My review of SAVIUS.

About the company.

Savius is based in Chicago, USA, for CME and EUREX futures traders, it was founded by a team of italian traders and brokers back in 2015 (if I’m not mistaken); in 2020 it has changed ownership which remains italian, as is customer support, I like to define it a “boutique firm” and shouldn’t be underestimated; they have an innovative approach in offering also micro futures and swing trading, 80% profit share to the trader, a generous capital increase program, even a fixed income for the most successful traders.

Online presence.

For a small company they have an active and clear online presence, with a strong sense of community; read my interview to the CEO Tiziano Brunno.

Education and tools offered.

Frequent webinar and video updates, they offer education via a branch company called Chinooky.

Programs and rules.

They have 2 evaluation programs on offer, the Limitless Pro by far the more interesting: mini and micro CME and EUREX futures (Micro DAX are coming did you know?), fixed payment, 2 phases to pass, any strategy is allowed, a generous capital increase is planned for the profitable traders and even a fixed income from phase 5 and 6.


Clear your cookies, visit Savius and e-mail me for a 50€ Limitless or a 100€ Limitless Pro discount code.

My opinion.

Savius is a boutique firm with an innovative approach to funding that shouldn’t be underestimated: they give me the feeling they truly seek, support and need profitable traders for their business model to work; the fact that they offer a fee refund, capital increase, even a fixed income is good enough to be interested; they have recently added NinjaTrader8 to their allowed platforms so I might enrol with them as soon as feasible timewise.

Your opinion.

Your opinion matters! Come visit my Instagram or Facebook page, leave your comment: I post every video about the funders on my Instagram TV, let’s have the conversation over there so to include as many people as possible.

Watch this short video to get a good idea about SAVIUS: the company, the online presence, the rules and evaluation programs.

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