Beware of potential SCAM forex funders

Beware of potential SCAM forex funders

Is this a SCAM forex funder?

Let’s talk about Myforexfund.

First of all: I am not “The internet police” ok?! Nor the FBI.

I can’t tell with absolute certainty when a company is serious or scam, as a matter of fact I can’t either vouch for any of the Funders I do feature in my website; why? See above.

All I can do is gather information, from the web and from you traders, and use my personal experience and make my own opinion: so should you.

But sometimes it’s easy to know when not to trust a company, like this one: simply because they don’t provide enough information to be able to trust them.

I look forward to receive a response from these guys here 😉

MyForexFunder is it SCAM?

One of you readers asked me today my opinion about Myforexfunds (no! I’m not inserting a link to them) and this is what I think:

  1. I am ALWAYS very dubious of ALL forex funders, why? It’s an unregulated (read:WILD!) market.
  2. This is why most of the funders in this website are for Futures: regulated market which means complicated and expensive to be in.
  3. websites mean nothing! 0! Anyone can pump out a beautiful looking professional website with a few hours work nowadays.
  4. Socials mean very little, but these are already something we can analyze and put a bit of trust in; it’s easy and cheap to obtain 50K followers on Instagram, but is very difficult to be able to portray via socials (especially Linkedin I would say) a company that does good work, made of people, and works hard for years;
  5. the clues to look for: are they putting their face in it? Well, I am! And I’m certainly not offering funds to anybody and yet, just because I have a website related to my business, I must broadcast to the whole world my home address! And it’s for this reason that I try to interview all the funders so to get to know them, most of them are great people by the way (if you are a funder and you are interested do get in touch!).
  6. Privacy  Poli..zzzz: you snooze you lose! Sure all those legal words and T&C and Cookies is so boring but, take this company as an example: they have a Privacy Policy and yet you cannot find anywhere the business name nor the address. This is not legal.

So, all I wanted to say was:

Don’t rely on anybody but yourself!

Do your own research.

Don’t go looking for the next tropical rainbowland funder who just happens to get in the business and offers you easy access to a huge capital and pays out in crypto so you don’t have to pay taxes…

Let’s be professional and civil!

How to report a potential scam / fraud

actually, I think I’ll go one step further on this case, because this makes me really angry.

You can find information in this article on how to report a fraud, I’m posting this on my Instagram as well, put a comment there if you have suggestions or recommendations for me and the rest of us.