FOMO Killer in action Week 2021 May 10th

FOMO Killer in action Week 2021 May 10th

You asked for it, I hope this clarifies how to use FOMO Killer.

FOMO Killer™ in action this week : ES, 15′ chart.

I’d like to point out is my favourite feature of FOMO Killer, and that is:

it keeps you out of the markets!

I have no idea where the price will go; nobody does; the sooner we traders are able to admit this, the better it is!

So the best trade you can take is STAYING OUT OF THE MARKETS!

Until the market is ripe! And the opportunity will come.

I love the fact that yesterday FOMO Killer didn’t give any losing signal; this is also why I watch the 15′ chart, of course on 5′ is probably more of a mess.

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