Better rules from FTMO: Allowing Swing Trading is Great for Automatic Strategies.

Better rules from FTMO: Allowing Swing Trading is Great for Automatic Strategies.

FTMO’s profit share is increased from 70% to 80% and 90%, it allows swing trading and new free trials.

In case you missed out on this news (and I did for some time ooops) FTMO has increased its profit share from 70% to 80%, aligning itself to the majority of competing funders.

Once you are funded and entitled to the capital increase the profit split ratio will be upgraded to 90/10, very high indeed.

Capital increase in brief:

  • trade the funded account for 4 months
  • make a +10% profit in your account, which averages to 2.5% profit a month.
  • have the account balance in profit when the scale-up is due.

At this stage, the capital is increased by 25%; keep in mind that “max daily loss” and “max static drawdown” are always calculated as a percentage, hence also your risk is growing by 25%, brilliant!

As I expected: having more competition in the fast-growing world of prop trading it’s pushing the Funders to improve the services they offer, great news for all of us.

What are these SWING programs and where do you find them?

You must first decide which evaluation program by FTMO is right for you (read here my FTMO review), enroll, and then select the Swing option.

Swing programs allow the most freedom to every trader: you may hold trades open overnight and on the weekends, plus you can trade over any news and economic release.

The only down point in the Swing programs is that the lower leverage of 1:30, which in my opinion it’s rather high still, and as declared by FTMO the vast majority of their traders will find this more than sufficient.

Is this great news for automatic strategies? Any suggestion?

Indeed it is!

Automatic strategies are welcomed by FTMO, and being allowed to trade over the news and hold trades open all the time will give you a much higher sense of freedom in your trading, and use your favorite EA.

As a matter of fact, since I’m not very good at trading forex, I am researching a valid automatic strategy for MT5, if you have any suggestions please do not hesitate in writing to me.

More free trials!

Today you can select to enroll in a free trial for any program of any size.

Grab yourself a discount for the evaluation programs by FTMO.

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