Get Funded Faster by Topstep with its new rules.

Get Funded Faster by Topstep with its new rules.

Topstep gives us more freedom and shorter challenges.

So you might now be funded in a shorter time by Topstep; but make sure to follow the brand new Consistency Rule.

While Phase 1 of the evaluation program maintains the “5 days minimum of trading” rule, this has been removed for Phase 2 (which had a minimum of 10 days of trading); but no, you cannot be funded in just 1 day in phase 2, but 3, and maths will explain why.

What about this consistency rule then?

First of all: it applies only to Phase 2 and the Pro Account.

You’ll probably agree that a growing steady equity line is proof that a trader is performing well.

The Consistency Target defines that your best day of trading cannot be equal to or larger than 40% of the total profits in your challenge.

Earn2trade has had such a rule for quite a long time now, it’s basically the way the Funders have to protect themselves from funding a trader who may have just got lucky.

How can I calculate the maximum profit from a trade?

Let’s start with what you know so far: the size of the account you’ve elected to trade and the profit target; now: 1 profitable day shouldn’t surpass 40% of the total in profits.

So, supposing you are enrolling in the Topstep 100K program:

  • the profit target here is 6000$.
  • 40% of 6K  is 2400$.

The formulae is 6000*40/100

You now know that any trading day shouldn’t surpass 2400$ in profit.

If you have a day with higher profit, let’s suppose 3000$, then your new profit target to obtain capital to trade becomes: 7500$

the formulae is : 3000*100/40

To scalp or not to scalp?

Topstep removed the rule whereby you should have avoided to hold trades for less than 20″; no more than 50% of your profitable trades were allowed to last less than 20 seconds.

While this is not a rule anymore, so you won’t fail the evaluation program if you brake it, Topstep will communicate directly with the traders that have a tendency for brief trades, hence I’m afraid that scalping is still off the book with Topstep.

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