Alphachain Capital Review

Alphachain Capital Review

Everything you always wanted to know about Alphachain Capital.

Updated on: 2022-02-20


It’s nearly impossible for anyone these days not to know about the Cryptocurrency and FX markets. When crypto first started many people thought of it as a scam and just a very few actually invested. Over the years, everyone was reassured and the number of people interested in trading has suddenly increased. It all started with Bitcoin in 2008 and now, we have all kinds of cryptocurrencies along with forex, commodities, indices, etc.

This looks interesting but you still don’t quite understand what crypto and FX are? Well, a cryptocurrency is basically digital money that you can buy with your traditional money and use for online payments, exchanges and trading. Forex stands for foreign exchange which is a market where you trade currencies.

 Learning about online trading, choosing assets to trade, and how to do all that may seem overwhelming. To train themselves for this people use blogs, videos, and forums, but with the development of this market, many learning academies were founded to make this process faster for people who want to invest. With so many trading educators it can be hard to choose the one to learn from, so today we are doing a review on Alphachain Capital.

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About Alphachain

 Alphachain Capital is a trading firm based in London, UK, that trades and teaches you how to trade by yourself. They use eclectic and multi-disciplinary approaches to ensure success in today’s global markets. The firm believes that statistical modeling techniques and technology can help to create quantitative strategies for trading in Forex and cryptocurrency markets. One of their greatest focuses is on innovation and strategy to achieve the result of developing the significant alpha.

 Alphachain is concurring global market by using technology and well-planned strategies while keeping low transaction costs and high liquidity. Mathematical models ensure that the trading process is disciplined and systematic. This method helps with one of the biggest challenges that new traders face and that is the interference of emotions when making decisions.

 In Alphachain Academy they teach you all these methods and systems for trading in Forex and cryptocurrency market. The great news is that they have programs for both experienced and aspiring beginners who need help through the whole learning process.

Alphachain Academy

 If you’re an established trader or a beginner looking to deepen your trading skills, double your capital faster and join a community of trades, Alphachain Academy may be just the right place for you. When it comes to trading, the most common challenges for people are risk management, identifying good trading opportunities, and consistency. There is of course emotional entanglement which many traders struggle with. In this kind of industry, the market tends to test you every single day, so it might be good to have help from someone experienced who’s been where you are now.

 Since the market changes daily it’s a steller advantage that you always get updated materials that analyze current market fluctuations. You will be taught by Senior traders who have a lot of real-world and online trading experience.

 Student’ reviews often point out how much it meant to them that teachers were available to answer questions, offer complete and brief clarifications, and approach students’ questions with no judgment, thus creating a safe and existing environment to learn.

 Once finished you will get a recognized CPD qualification which underlines your expertise in the investment segment of the financial sector.

What will you learn?

–   Fundamental and technical analysis for experienced or beginner traders

–   How to automate your trading strategy

–   Core trading strategies

–   Trading plan development

–   The importance of journaling and analyzing mistakes to determine why trading went wrong and how to prevent that from happening again

–   How to reduce the emotional impact of trading wins or losses

–   How to organize better and maneuver around with time

–   Extensive and detailed information is presented in a structured learning portal

–   How to cross-check the market sensibility and important price levels of assets

–   Mathematical and systematic trading approach to discretionary trading

–   How to use the psychology of trading principles to make trading easier and less stressful

–   How to become more confident in your trading

Students also pointed out that the availability of a mentor meant a great deal for their learning process. Community and an active base of traders who share their strategies on a daily basis were also stressed out as the benefit of big importance to students. Also, they liked that they had a chance to practice, as well as a mix of live video presentations and lecture notes as course materials.


What’s the best Funded Trader Course for you?

 Alphachain offers 2 groups of funded programs for their students: Professional programs and Specialist programs.

Professional programs include Global Trader Program, Algorithmic Trader Program, and Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trader Program. Specialist programs contain Cryptocurrency Trader Program and Forex Trader Program.

So let’s take a look at each of those.

 Global Trader Program

 Price: £3,420

Duration: 3 months

Evaluation Account: 20,000$

 In three month duration of this program, you will receive vocational training with lots of knowledge and practice to get needed experience. This program is intended for those who aspire to become funded proprietary traders with Alphachain Capital.

Lectures are organized as live web classes combined with materials for foundational education. Students are offered complete transparency in targets, capital allocation, and incentives.

Once accepted you get 20,000$ evaluation account and you become an independent contractor. You can choose when and where will you work since you will be working remotely.

 Global trader program offers multiple markets such as FX, Cryptocurrency, Commodities & Equity Indices for you to trade. You will learn how to manage risks on your account, how to build a trading plan using analytics and technical indicators. Also, you will get access to top-level core strategies.

What makes this program so successful when it comes to the level of acquired knowledge is constant theoretical and practical learning including strategy planning, testing, and assessment.

 Algorithmic Trader Program

Price: £3,420

Duration: 3 months

Evaluation Account: 20,000$

 This program offers knowledge of algorithmic trading which is practiced through your algorithmic trading account. Coding skills are getting more important each year considering that the global algorithmic trading market has an 11.1% annual growth rate. Before becoming a funded algorithmic trader, the program will teach you how to build trading systems and custom indicators.

 The program includes a virtual classroom, practical exercises on your trading account, live trading, video lectures, webinars where you can ask questions, and mentorship by experienced traders.

Classes include Introduction to automated trading, building successful algorithmic trading strategies, learning how to code and create custom indicators, basics of the PineEditor within TradingView, coding technical indicators, back-testing, forward-testing, and live trading.

Financial theory, trading algorithms, automatization of trading systems, and relevant technologies are essential knowledge for algorithmic trading. You will learn how to develop your own trading strategies as well as how to break into a quantitative analysis role of another organization. You will be given the knowledge and tools to create and develop algorithmic trading strategies and new bespoke from scratch.

Upon entry, you will receive over 25 strategy templates and 20,000$ starting capital.

 Once you’re accepted you can start working remotely with Alphachain Capital with a 50% profit split as an independent contractor.

 Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trader Program

 Price: £3,950

Duration: 3 months

Evaluation Account: 20,000$

If you aim to become a quantitative cryptocurrency trader this immersive and structured program will give you all the knowledge you need. Do not worry, background knowledge and coding experience are not required.

Your mentors will be founders of this program CEO Adam Haeems as well as Gavin Pannu, Head of Trading Academy.

Classes include Introduction to cryptocurrency and automated trading, components to building an algorithmic trading strategy, execution systems, risk management, back-testing, forward-testing, learning to code, and working with TradingView Pine Editor, analyzing on-chain metrics, making automated trading strategies, and live trading.

 You will learn how to use on-chain analytics and metrics and how to identify patterns and trading opportunities so you can make profitable trades. With access to the global Cryptocurrency market, you will be able to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and more. Starting from scratch you will understand crypto assets, how to use on-chain metrics, and how to develop algorithmic Cryptocurrency trading strategies.

 Upon entry, you will receive over 15 basic and advanced trading strategy templates and 20,000$ starting capital.

 Cryptocurrency Trader Program

Price: £2,250

Duration: 1 month training period

Evaluation Account: 10,000$

 If you want to learn how to trade digital currencies and work with experts on this subject, Cryptocurrency Trader Program will give you that and more. Before you start trading with starting capital of 10,000$ you will get crypto trading expertise and key cryptocurrency exchange indicators.

As in all other Alphachain programs, you will get CPD certification, plus a chance to start working with Alphachain Capital as a prop trader. You will be able to work with senior experts experienced in trading and learn their secrets in trading.

 This program will give you a chance to learn how to find opportunities, analyze price changes, estimate risks, collaborate with other traders, and of course, how to maximize your profits.

 Classes of this program include Introduction to MT4, performing technical analysis, using technical indicators in trading, fundamentals of Cryptocurrency trading, risk management, planning a strategy, back-testing, forward-testing, performance analysis, trade simulations, 1-1 mentoring, and daily interactive webinars.

 You will be trading assets Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Litecoin.

Forex Trader Program

 Price: £1,950

Duration: 1 month training period

Evaluation Account: 10,000$

Like in Cryptocurrency Trader Program once your one-month program is finished you transfer to the membership program. In this program, you will be taught how to do foreign exchange. On this global market, there’s 6.6$ trillion traded each day. You will get the industry knowledge and experience needed to do Forex trades.

You will be taught by CEO Adam Haeems, Gavin Pannu, Head of Trading Academy, Ron Williams, Performance Coach, and other Alphachain experienced trade mentors.

 You will learn how to analyze charts using Tradingview software so you can easily identify patterns that will lead you to trading opportunities. You will be trading AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDCAD, AUDCHF, AUDJPY, AUDNZD, CADCHF, CADJPY, CHFJPY, EURAUD, EURCAD, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURNZD, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, GBPJPY, GBPNZD, NZDCAD, NZDCHF, NZDJPY on MT4 trading platform.

 Classes include 1-1 mentoring, trade simulations, daily interactive webinars, comprehensive technical and fundamental analysis, creating strategy, and back-testing/forward-testing results which you will use in your funded account. You will get to learn about MT4, perform technical analysis, learn the fundamentals of Forex trading, master risk management, plan a strategy and trade plan. 

Alphachain Funded Trader Program

If you are an experienced trader you can apply for the Funded Trader Program and get a fully funded account to trade Equity Indices, Forex, and Commodities. There are 4 Funded account sizes to choose from. Two of those are evaluation options and two are direct funding accounts.

Evaluation options

The first evaluation account comes with 5000$ starting capital to prove yourself and then you get 20,000$ funding to trade with 1 million USD max allocation.

You pay 349$ one-time setup fee and aim for a 6% target that goes up to 10% after you hit the first target. Leverage is 1:100, maximum drawdown 5-10% with a 50% profit split. You need to trade overnight with possible per request hold-ups over the weekend and you need to close positions during news releases. The maximum lot size is 0.25 lots.

The second evaluation account comes with 10,000$ starting capital to prove yourself and then you get 40,000$ funding to trade with 1 million max allocation. You pay 499$ one-time setup fee and aim for a 6% target that goes up to 10% after you hit the first target. Other demands are the same as for the first account option and the maximum lot size is 0.5 lots.

Direct funding

The first direct funding account comes with 15,000$ starting capital with a 1 million max allocation. You pay a 795$ one-time setup fee and aim for a 10% initial target. Leverage is 1:100, maximum drawdown is 10% and you get a 50% profit split. You need to trade overnight with possible per request hold-ups over the weekend and you need to close positions during news releases. The maximum lot size is 0.75 lots with a weekly risk limit of 5%.

The second direct funding account comes with 20,000$ starting capital with a 1 million max allocation. You pay a 999$ one-time setup fee and aim for a 10% initial target. Leverage is 1:100, maximum drawdown 10% and you get a 50% profit split. You need to trade overnight with possible per request hold-ups over the weekend and you need to close positions during news releases. The maximum lot size is 1 lot with a weekly risk limit of 5%.

You have one year to achieve the target and there are no monthly fees.


If you want to concur with the world of Cryptocurrency and Forex trading easy and hassle-free, Alphachain is a perfect way to go. With all the opportunities after you finish your chosen program, it’s a light statement to say that investment will pay off.

With each program being stellarly organized and to the point, you won’t have a problem balancing this education with your job, college, or any other responsibilities. More importantly, you won’t have trouble following lectures since comprehension is one of the main focuses in this Academy. Although the knowledge you will get is detailed and extensive, you will be able to catch up with all classes since no background and previous knowledge are not needed to attend these programs.

What seems like the best part of this education is that you won’t be left with just theoretical knowledge but you have plenty of practice on your funded trading account. You will learn from your mistakes, analyze them, and test new strategies until you are capable of doing it all on your own.

During the whole learning process, you will have mentors and colleagues to ask for help since Alphachain has a strong sense of community.

If you want to start, choose to start at the right place that will lead you straight to your goals instead of going forward and backward spending your earned money.