Try2BFunded review

Try2BFunded review

Try2BFunded: from 0 to Hero at trading US Stocks.

Updated on: 2022-05-09

The Prop Firm for Stock Traders.

Stock trading can be an excellent way to earn a handy side income. But, you need to be an expert in trading; otherwise, you will lose all your hard-earned cash. This article talks about a trading simulator Try2BFunded, which can be utilized to learn trading without risks

These days, a lot of people do trading and earn a good side income for them. Even there are some who are planning to leave their current jobs and make trading their full-time profession. It is all because of the many-fold profit it offers. However, trading is not just about earning profits because sometimes you may lose all you have. 

You may ask how others are making money and why you cannot. The answer is simple: those people have the experience as they know everything about trading. Still, there is a way to earn money through trading, which is to make use of trading simulators. These are best to learn how to trade without worrying about losing money. 

One such trading simulator is, and we are going to review it in the article.

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Who is behind Try2BFunded?

We wish we could answer this question but we just cannot find enough information online to do so.

On LinkedIn there is the Try2BFunded company page yet none of the team, CEO nor founders, it’s a shame as we always enjoy a bit of a human touch.

Yet we got in touch with their support team, and the Support Managers are: Roman Kuzmenko, Denis Klimovskiy.

Curious to hear insider info?! Of course, you do!

It’s not usual for a Prop Firm to share with us some results and stats about their business, understandably so; I’m very glad that Denis, the Support Manager mentioned above, shared this with us:

$184,857,04 – Funded trader withdrawals processed since 2019
16 749 – Total accounts created


Of course, I’m aware that you wish to know how many of these traders have then been successful, something about their performance, and so do we! But that’s going to behard to obtain, I wouldn’t raise my hopes too high; but we are working on it!

How does it work?

Try2BFunded is a trading simulator where traders work through a demo trading environment to become funded with external capital. Unlike other trading platforms, here, you will not end up losing your money because you will be trading someone else’s money. 

Trading will be fun when you trade on someone else’s money as you have the freedom to do whatever you want. You can take risks and can give yourself the chance to multiply the money you are trading on. 

First, you need to Sign Up on Try2bFunded’s Trading Page

Once you Sign Up, you will have one qualifying and two testing stages to complete before reaching the point of earning real money. 

The qualifying stage is Stage 0, and the two testing stages are Stage I and Stage II. Further, Stage II has two options; one is named Stage II (Classic), and another is Stage II (Pro). You can choose any of the Stage II options, i.e., Standard and Pro. 

The qualifying stage, i.e., Stage 0, is free, but the other two stages, which are testing stages, come at a monthly subscription fee that depends on the account size you go for. 

Each stage offers three options of initial capital to start trading with. The initial capital can be $30,000, $50,000, and $100,000. 

If you choose a $30,000 initial capital account, you will have to pay a $100 monthly subscription fee. But, if you choose $50,000 as your initial capital, the monthly subscription fee will be $150. However, if you want a big amount, such as $100,000 as your capital, you will have to pay $300 as a monthly subscription fee. 

Let’s discuss all the stages in detail one by one.

The stages of Try2BFunded’s trading challenge.

Stage 0.

This is called the Demo Stage and is to make a beginner familiar with the platform. Here, you will be given a brief introduction to what trading is. The primary purpose of Stage 0 is to make you test their trading platform. 

You cannot directly reach Stage II without qualifying for Stage 0, which is the first step of Try2BFunded’s qualification process. 

The three options of initial capitals remain the same in every stage, but other terms change depending on the stage you are currently in. The initial capitals options are of $30,000, $50,000, and $100,000.

As you can see in the table above, you will be given a Profit Target of 6 percent on the Initial Capital with a one-day turnover period in Stage 0.

The has been set to 2 percent (based on the previous day’s close), while the maximum drawdown limit has been set to up to 4 percent of the starting capital balance. 

The last is the Maximum position size, which is basically the position size limit, which has been set to 50 percent of the initial capital in Stage 0.

Stage 1.

Stage I is the first testing stage and is actually the real trading stage. It is no longer a free stage as you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. So, you have to be careful. Like Stage 0, here you will be again provided to practice trading using someone else’s money. 

Remember, you have to qualify for Stage I to reach Stage II, which is also a testing stage. The initial capital options are the same as Stage 0.

A few things are the same, while there are some that vary. The Profit Target is 6 percent, which is the same as Stage 0. The Maximum daily loss and Maximum drawdown limit are 2 percent and 4, respectively, which is the same as Stage 0. 

Stage I differs from Stage 0 when you talk about the turnover period as your account balance must turnover once in five days, whereas your account balanced must turn over once in a day in Stage 0. Also, the Maximum position size limit has been changed in Stage 1, which has been reduced to 30 percent of the initial capital. 

To know, what is different in Stage 1 when compared to Stage 0, you can have a look at the table given above.

Stage II (Classic).

Stage II is the last testing stage, and if you qualify , you will get access to live trading. You will be provided access to a funded account of $30,000, $50,000, or $100,000 under management. The account size depends on the initial capital amount you select in Stage II. 

You can have two options to choose from, one option is Stage II (Classic), and the other is Stage II (Pro).  

In Stage II, three things, namely Profit Target (6 percent), Maximum weekly loss limit (up to 2 percent), and Maximum drawdown (not more than 4 percent), will not change and remain same as in Stage 0 and Stage I. 

What changes in Stage II is the turnover. In Standard Stage II, your account balance must be turnover once in ten days. In addition, the Maximum position size limit also gets changed in State II and reduced to 20 percent of the initial capital amount.

Stage II (Pro)

Stage II (Pro) is an alternative to Stage II (Classic), so you have to qualify for either Stage II Classic or Stage (Pro) to get access to live trading. 

When you choose Stage II, there is no Profit Target, no Turnover, and no Weekly loss limit. The only limits in Stage II (Pro) are the Maximum drawdown (4 percent) and Maximum position size limit (20 percent). 

To know what happens in Stage 2, watch the video below:

After successfully qualifying all the stages, you are eligible to live trading with an initial capital amount of either $30,000 or $50,000, or $100,000 from the management. 

Getting access to a real-money account is not difficult if you qualify all three stages. However, it is not just about making a profit but about avoiding significant drawdowns and closely managing risk. 

When you choose Try2BFunded to learn to trade, remember that if you stop out of a stage or real-money account due to exceeding the Maximum drawdown or daily/weekly loss limit, you will return to Stage 0.


Do not Risk your Own Money.

When you choose Try2BFunded to learn to trade, you do not have to risk your own money as you are provided access to someone else’s capital to do trading. You have to just pay a monthly subscription fee, which depends on the initial capital amount you require to start with. 

The monthly subscription fee covers everything and comes at no risk. You will advance to a funded account only after qualifying three stages. You will learn a lot during those three qualifying stages. 

You can advance to a further stage or get back to the previous stage without paying anything extra other than the monthly subscription fee. The funded real-money account also comes at a monthly subscription price, which is the same as in the qualifying stages. 

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Entry is based on your Performance.

Unlike other prop trading firms, you don’t have to give an interview, or there will be no screening or filtering when you choose Try2BFunded to learn to trade. The entry is purely your performance, i.e., based on how you perform. 

You have to qualify for all three stages of their program. Qualifying all the stages will provide you access to the real-money account. 

No Capital Contribution Required

You are required to contribute capital if you choose to do trading with a broker, however, this is not the case with Try2BFunded. You don’t have to contribute in the capital required to do trading. 

This is one of the major benefits you will get by choosing Try2BFunded: to learn to trade. 

Professional Trading Platform.

Try2BFunded is a professional trading platform that provides you access to real price quotes. However, if you choose any other prop trading firm, you might not get access to the same. Also, there you have to trade with your own money. 

The above are the top benefits of learning trading with 

The benefits list does not end here because this Try2BFunded offers a 60 percent/40 percent trading profit split in your favor if you choose them. Other trading service providers return you only 10-30 percent of the profits made while retaining 70-90 percent with them. 

For example, when you make a withdrawal request of $1,000 among the profits made by you on the real-money account, you will get $600, and $400 goes to Try2BFunded. 

If you think Try2BFunded only offers benefits, you are right to a great extent. But, still, there are cons associated with choosing Try2BFunded for trading. 


Limited Account Size.

The maximum initial capital amount offered by Try2BFunded is $100,000. For most traders, the initial capital provided to them is sufficient. But what if anyone needs an account size more than $100,000 initial capital. 

There is no option of increasing the initial capital amount, which is a limitation.

In our FundsFinder you can find up to 100 different Funding Programs for you: you may filter them out by selecting “US Stocks” so to focus on what you need the most; or even use the “Capital Increase” filter to just see the Prop Firms who offer this feature.

Non-Availability of Stocks.

Although all the major stocks are available on their platform but still, there are some stocks that are not available to trade on their platform. The stocks that are missing out are majorly the smaller ones. But, still it is a limitation. The reason behind the non-availability could be anything.

Not Include Commodities and Equivalents.

Try2BFunded does not include currencies, commodities, fixed income rates, or non-US/UK equities until you want to trade the ETF equivalents. 

All these cons need to be eliminated to make the platform the first choice of beginners who want to learn to trade.

Reviews on TrustPilot.

The are other things that can be utilized to grow your trust in Try2BFunded. You can check reviews of people on Trustpilot. There, you will see people talking about them as a good firm to develop your skills as a trader. 


Try2BFunded is more than a trading simulator as it helps you out in trading in a simulated environment on someone else’s capital; thus, you are free from the risk of losing your hard-earned money. 

Trading for a Prop firm like Ttry2BFunded can give you the freedom you are looking for, as you can try everything you think is best to earn more. You have to pay a monthly subscription fee, which is relatively small when you compare it with the benefits you get

To be eligible for a funded real-money account, you have to pass three qualifying stages, where you will learn trading by keeping in mind different factors affecting your profits. The monthly subscription fee is about 0.3 percent per month of the amount you obtain in your funded real-money account. 

Their program is a good fit for those looking for extra income by trading US stocks. 

Your opinion.

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