Interview with APEX Founder and CEO: Darrell Martin

Interview with APEX Founder and CEO: Darrell Martin



Who are you? What’s your background?

I am a day trader and have been trading for 15 years. I started with options to quit my day job and now trade options and futures on a daily basis.

I have a bachelors and masters but they have nothing to do with finance.

I bought courses, went to seminars, and most importantly found other traders who knew how to trade to learn from them.

Can you tell us a little bit about you as a trader? 

I am an intraday trader.

I focus mainly on futures scalps and trend trades. I also trade options when they are mispriced.

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What is APEX Trader Funding today and what will it be like in the future ?

Today it is among if not the biggest funding company with over 4200 people funded last month (interview published on June 2022).  We will continue to be innovative and bring the best possible options for traders in the funding world.

What’s the biggest achievement in your life?

A successful marriage of 17 years with 2 amazing children held together by a relationship with God.

How do you see the future of trading? More proxy traders or Robots/AIs?

There will always be AI and robots but with SEC regulations much of this will become more difficult.

There will always be retail traders looking to trade manually.

Some people say that Trading success is due for 80% to the right psychology, would you agree? What’s APEX Investing training approach?

I 100% agree that psychology is fundamental to trading that is why was developed for traders to be able to master the psychological part.

We also provide simple yet in-depth systems at Apex Investing for traders to learn to trade with defined entries, stops, and take profits.

Who are the traders that enrolled in 2021/22, and if you can say it, what’s the rate of those who succeeded to become profitable? What’s the “secret” of those who perform consistently?

We have traders from 130+ countries: male and female alike, and novice and veterans all part of Apex Trader Funding.

We have a high success rate with over 4200 funded accounts in May alone. Those who are successful trade small and quit when they hit their take profit or drawdown.

What is your personal key to success?

I agree that the personal life can pour over into your trading decisions.

A healthy life definitely contributes to better trading decisions.

If trading can be taught and learned in just 4 months, why isn’t everyone we know a profitable full time trader? The 1 thing you would recommend traders start doing today so to get better results tomorrow?


Because most people are not disciplined enough to learn and have a trading plan and follow it.

I suggest people take the least bought and most valuable course: Mindmastery to immediately improve their trading.

People unfamiliar with the world of trading believe it’s a nest full of snakes (Hollywood movies don’t help..), I’ve had very positive experiences so far from very nice and enthusiastic people: what can we all do to improve on this?


There are definitely plenty of snakes out there.

It is important to find a solid community of like-minded individuals like at ApexInvesting that are committed to helping traders.

Our policy is Traders Helping Traders and we have over 30k members over the last 13 years. So it’s definitely a solid community that helps traders.

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