Traders With Edge Review

Traders With Edge Review

Traders With Edge: 25.000 Funded Traders by 2025!

Updated on: 2022-09-14

Throughout the world, online trading is becoming more popular and more accessible to both amateur and experienced traders with more and more traders joining the field globally every year. A key competitor in the Asian sector of this market is Traders with Edge. Traders with Edge is a very new company but is already becoming a popular trading company for both traders and promoters with publicity backing from Yahoo!Finance, MarketWatch, Digital Journal, and The Stock Dork. This review will dive deeper into what Traders with Edge appear to offer and if it is a good fit for you.

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What are Traders with Edge? 

Traders with Edge is a proprietary trading company based in Hong Kong which was established in early 2022 making this a very new trading platform in the trading market, offering their services worldwide.

Their CEO, Samuel Junghenn, has described himself on his LinkedIn as an eco-capitalist with experience in setting up many companies over 20 years.

Traders with Edge’s mission statement claims to help educate and fund traders who want to make a full-time living from day trading.

They claim to want to fund 25,000 traders by 2025 and from the outset seemed focused on the education and financial benefit of trading for their clients’ lives and well-being, rather than their profit. Traders with Edge claims to be backed by several globally recognized equity companies who provide the funds for their “successful traders”, however from the initial website alone it is unclear who exactly the equity companies are

How do Traders with Edge work?

The outline of how a trader can rise through the ranks on Traders with Edge is a little vague. However, the website does give a rough overview of their system introduces new traders to their company, and raises them through the ranks based on their proven skills, which seems a very similar system to other proprietary trading companies in this field.

Traders with Edge declare these are the 5 stages to gaining access to a funded account with Traders with Edge and with it beneficial profit.

These are the phases below:

  1. Phase 1 – The new client opens a demo trading account and follows the given guidelines set by the Traders with Edge team, practicing and proving their skills for 30 days and hitting their given target.
  2. Phase 2 – After the trader has passed the probationary period and proved their skills and reached their 30-day target, they are given a new target to reach for the next 30 days. Continuing to prove their ability and reach their new target, seemingly still using a demo account and making no real profit yet. (Please note, it is unclear what happens if you don’t meet the target and pass phase one, but it is assumed that you will have to do phase one again for moving on to phase two of your training).
  3. Phase 3 – If you have reached this new target set in phase two successfully by the 60-day marker, the client is then eligible to have a funded trading account where the client is eligible to the client keeping most of the profit, which seems set at 80%.
  4. Phase 4You are given targets and challenges to buy and increase your experience and potential profit. On successful completion of these challenges, your account has the potential to be funded with amounts of up to $3 million
  5. Phase 5 – For those who are committed to trading with Traders with Edge and have shown their commitment and skills over two years and proved that you have both ability and consistency to work with Traders with Edge, long term. Your account will be linked with bigger investors and your fund will rise to up to $30 million where you are considered part of Traders with Edge’s ‘big league’. (Please note, the website does not make it clear who these big investors are and the parameters needed to show success and consistency to reach the ‘big league’. As this company was only started within 2022, it is unlikely that many of its current traders have reached this status to speak on their experience with the big league yet.)

What accounts do Traders with Edge offer?

Traders with Edge offer their clients two main types of accounts to get their traders started; a Turtle Account and a Hare Account

Turtle Account

This account is your more basic package and is good for the beginner trader as you can choose how much trading capital you wish to trade with from $5,000 to $200,000 (with capitals of $500,000 and $1,000,000 said to be coming soon!).

With this account and beginning at phase one, a $5,000 capital will cost jsut $55, and you will be expected to reach a target of 10% profit to pass the phase one stage of investment. As discussed before, phases one and two will give 0% profit shares to the client as these will be run through demo accounts. However, if you pass through this process and receive the rank of getting a funded account, you are rewarded with a share of 80% of the profit which could be very lucrative for more experienced traders. As well as this, the participation fee of $55 will reduce to $0 once the trader reaches funded status. 

Please note The more capital you wish to trade within this account, the higher the participation fee. For example; a $200,000 capital trade will cost a $1500 participation fee. However, the profit share of 80% will remain the same at the funded account stage. Alongside this, partaking in further challenges set by Traders with Edge also cost an additional fee, starting from around $750 to partake in the most basic of trading challenges they have to offer.

You can check out these bonus challenges here.

Hare account 

The hare account runs by much the same system as the turtle account but appears to be for more experienced traders so it has higher fees but bigger payoffs for phases one and two.

For the hare account, the client only has to have a target of 10% when they reach phase two. This target lowers to 5%, making it more easily attainable to reach funded status quicker. Likewise, the max loss, min time days, and max time days and account leverages are much different, accounting for the difference in the experience of the traders using these respective accounts.

For example; a turtle account has an account leverage of 1:1, whereas, the hare account has a leverage of 1:30. 

Likewise, with the more experienced account and trader, the hare account can be a quicker throughway to gaining a funded account with more ease. As this account boasts noticeable benefits, the participation fee for the hare account is considerably higher.

For gaining a $5,000 capital hare account, the trader will have to pay a $95 participation fee (which will drop down to $0 in phase two and will be refunded when they reach a funded account status.) The hare accounts currently only offer up to $50,000 capital accounts ($100,000 and $500,000 accounts coming soon) and the participation fee for the highest account will set the trader back $390 (which will also be dropped in phase two and refunded when they receive the full funded account, which is a major bonus for getting the hare account as the turtle account does not offer any potential refund of the participation fee).

For more information about both the accounts Traders with Edge offers and the phases of progression, check out the Traders with Edge homepage where they detail these items more thoroughly.


Although it is not initially apparent from the website Traders with Edge may offer trading courses and educational training with their accounts.

However, it does appear that Traders with Edge is designed for more experienced or practiced traders who already have key skills in trading and who already understand most of the terminology. Traders with Edge do offer their clients a trading rules guideline to use alongside their accounts to give them helpful targets to complete the challenges.

However, their guidelines are filled with dense terminology and are titled with key terms such as; drawdown, no manipulation, and soft and hard lines. Without defining these terms, they then go on to talk about the rules and how to implement these rules in the trader’s trades but not exactly what these specific terms mean. So, at this stage in the company’s progress, it seems as if this is the only training that this company offers. If this is so, the trader will need to do additional research and/or training alongside using Traders with Edge or already have experience trading in this field and understand the language of this world well enough to comprehend the instructions given. Traders with Edge do give some helpful tips on learning some of these pieces of key terminology via their YouTube channel, where you can check out videos like the one below here where they highlight the ‘no manipulation’ rule.


Do I need a large amount of capital to invest before joining Traders with Edge?

No. It seems that the only capital that the trader will need to initially open the account will be the application fee which begins at $95 for a $5,000 funded account with the hare account. This means your opening capital expenses will be very low but you will have to work without return for over two months before you see any potential return in a funded account. Alongside this, there are additional services and challenges that traders can partake in which will require a little extra capital, as the challenges range in price between an average of $110 and $750.

Can Traders with Edge be trusted?

Yes. Traders with Edge seem like a legitimately working proprietary company and seem to handle themselves responsibly and within the remits of the law. Although, their website doesn’t offer a lot of information on their policies in terms of using their services around the world and the regulations surrounding that and the trader would have to inquire with Traders with Edge directly to check that they are legal and safe to trade with them from their country. Alongside this, this company is very new as it only opened in 2022. So, the potential for the longevity of this company is still yet to be seen and so new traders should be wary of this when opening an account with this company.

Can I get a refund with Traders with Edge?

Yes and no. Traders with Edge’s policy on refund declares that no refund will be given unless you pass the hare challenge. Meaning that no refund will be given to those partaking in the turtle account. If you are completing the hare challenge and do not place a trade within 7 days and wish to request a refund, the trader must email the support and request a refund. If 7 days are passed since opening the account, then the trader is no longer eligible for a refund. For those partaking in the hare challenge and have passed their first two phases of funded account initiation. They are then eligible for a refund of their application fee after successfully placing a trade within 10 days of opening the account.


In conclusion, Traders with Edge appears to be a legitimate and successful proprietary trading company with many happy clients hailing their successful earnings and experiences working with this company.

A lot of these success stories are recorded as testimonials on the Traders with Edge website and you can check them out here.

The company has a low application fee starting from just $95 for a basic $5,000 capital fund.

The company does require dedication without profit with the client having to pass through two phases, amounting to up to 60 days of proven profit before gaining a share of the profit made from a funded account and access to a funded account overall. Alongside this, the accounts don’t seem to advertise further training or education in trading, and traders beginning their trading with this company will need a small amount of background knowledge to understand what they are doing and how to trade efficiently.

Having this knowledge would make these Traders with Edge a great starting base for more experienced traders to rise through the ranks and gain big profit shares quickly, but maybe a little more difficult for less experienced and amateur traders who need a little more direction and guidance on getting started.

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