Backpack Trader Review

Backpack Trader Review

All You Need to Master the Market

Backpack trading is not like your usual funded trading. You will rely on your funds to make trades under the guidance of coaches.

Backpack trading works by buying various packages or products from a trading manager, the pack, and using the products when you trade as your backing. The more backpacks you have, or rather, the larger your backpack, the more the chances of completing successful trades online.

You will then use the product to open a trading map and set a path to follow when trading and move away from your keyboard. In most cases, you will only need one trader pack to use to trade. The more you trade, the stronger your backpack becomes. A backpack increases by 1.8 per level of strength every time you trade.

The Backpack Trading Community offers services such as a trading coach and packs that you can use when Forex trading. The company also incorporates live videos on YouTube that provide interested traders with insights on the best markets to trade.

The Backpack Trading Community mainly uses the CPX2 products to trade. The product has three primary trading styles named White Trade, Green Trade, and Purple Trade. A trader, at this point, has to have an idea of which trade to follow, the charts, and the timeframes that go together with the trade. The coaches at BackPack Trading Community help you choose the best Trade and Timeframes that will provide more profits. 

Sounds easy, right? With the help of the Backpack Trading Community, you can be a top-scale Forex trader. Just follow the advice given by the coaches and use their trading packs, and you will be making money fast on the trading platforms. 

An example is Tuesday Live Traderoom | NinjaTrader – 05/31/22.


The Backpack Trading Community has no entry charges. That’s right. The Backpack Trading Community has free entry for all the people who want to learn how to trade. But if you want to take advantage of the trading packages, the company charges a fee on a monthly basis. These trading packages are in the form of a program called the Acta Fast Strike ETF Trade Alerts. 

The Acta Fast Strike ETF Trade Alerts is a program that tells exactly when to invest in a stock, the period you should leave the stock to run, and when you should close the trade. It is the true representation of backpack trading methods. 

The Backpack Trading way ensures that you spend the lowest amount of time in front of your computer analyzing how stocks are running to know when to close a trade. This information is vital since if you knew which trades to invest in, the timeframe that the trades should run, and when to close the trade, it would be simpler for you to trade in the stock markets. 

I know you are asking how much does an Acta Fast Strike ETF Trade Alerts program cost? The cost of the Acta Fast Strike ETF Trade Alerts program is $997 every month. There is, however, a discounted price that is available in the market that goes for $294 for four months. The price for two months is now available for four months

Another cost that a trader has to invest in the Backpack Trading Community is the cost of running a live trade on the stock market. The company does not fund its traders. If you want to invest in the company, you must be ready to lose the money you traded. The company also does not offer a risk-free trading experience. The Backpack Trading Community instead offers several disclaimers on how risky it is to trade and that the company is not liable for any losses incurred when using its program.

The Backpack Trading Community also has membership charges for when you want to become a fully-fledged member of the community.

There are two main membership opportunities which are the Backpack Trader Gold Membership and the Backpack Trader Platinum Membership. 

Plan for the Backpack Trader Gold Membership

The Plan for the Backpack Trader Gold Membership is an invitation-only membership plan that gains traders access to all trading strategies and training. The membership costs $147 per month and is inclusive of the following offers: 

  • Spotlight Master Suite that goes for  $4997 which enhances the effective spotlight power trader
  • SMS Trade Assist (TA) costs $1997, which allows you to test new setups and strategies many times. 
  • Counter Punch Trader costs $1997, which accounts for day trading, swing trading, and long-term position trading and works with futures, forex, and equities/options.
  • BPT Live Traderoom costs $1062 per year. It is a platform that gives you access to exclusive trades.
  • Access to all Special Training that happens randomly. 
  • 2 Additional Days per Week to the Traderoom costs $1062 every year. 
  • Free access to new strategy releases that you can test on the SMS Trade Assist.

Plan for the Backpack Trader Platinum Member

The platinum member, on the other hand, has to pay a membership fee of $297. This member has access to all of the golden member perks plus the Catapult Trader Bootcamps & Indicators, Catapult Trader Advanced Gold Membership, CounterPunch Trader Indicators, and Training and Trade Assist Automation. These specifications ensure that the platinum member has the best trading experience. 

Backpack Trading Community Benefits

The traders have a reduced chance of disappointment since the company does not offer risk-free trading. In the company’s terms and conditions, Backpack Trading recognizes that trading is a risky affair and warns traders that they can lose money even if they use the company programs. The company does not give false hopes to new members who want to trade. 

Backpack Trading also offers trading programs that are easy to follow and provide direct instructions for trading. The company is keen on providing packages that every trader can easily follow. 

The company offers programs that allow for AFK market trading. Its Acta Fast Strike ETF Trade Alerts program tells you when to trade, the timeframe to trade, and when to close a trade through alerts. You can log onto the trading platform every time you are alerted and still make money. The alerts enable you to have a stress-free environment where you can trade and also perform other personal activities. 

Backpack Trading Community also offers free training on social media platforms such as YouTube. You can learn the strategies that they use to make trades for free online if you do not have the funds to pay for membership. The company also offers free training on some strategies when you sign up. 

Another benefit of using Backpack Trading Community is that its packages have so many benefits. These packages cost thousands of dollars when purchased individually. By becoming a member of the two packages, you will spend only a few hundred dollars which is cheaper than buying the packages individually.

Day Trading Courses

Backpack Trading Community has four training programs.

The first is the Spotlight Master Suit.

This is an advisory service that provides a trader with chat projections on how they traded that day. The coaches then use the spotlight master suite to give their traders recommendations on their trading. The advice help traders better their trading efficiencies, making them get more out of their trades. The spotlight also gives traders insights on whether to hold, trade, or liquidate. 

This article explains more about the spotlight master suite About Trade Spotlight

The Catapult Trader ES.

The Catapult Trader ES is a training program by Backpack Training Community that provides traders with custom indicators.

These indicators help traders make better trade decisions.  They ensure that traders make consistent profits throughout their trading period. The Catapult Trader ES provides traders with simple new strategies that help them make profits. The Catapult Trader ES also uses spotlight technology to help traders manage their trades more effectively. 

The Counter Punch Xpress 2 (CPX2)

The Counter Punch Xpress 2 (CPX2) program helps identify the most lucrative trades for you to exploit. This program gives you insights on how to enter and exit trades. It is set up to ensure that you get maximum profits out of your trade by only allowing you to trade on the tradings that the program deems profitable. The CPX2 program eliminates guesswork and points you in the direction of profitable markets. 

The Forex Mastery Course

The fourth training program is the Forex Mastery Course. The Forex Mastery Course is a program by the Backpack Trading Community that helps you master forex trading in one week. The program provides beginners with a step-by-step guide on forex trading. The Forex Mastery Course provides information on how to open an account, choose the right broker, and make the most out of your trades. The course also teaches beginners how to use little money and get large profits.

How to Get a Fully Funded Stock Trading Account | Backpack Trading Community- Travel

Unfortunately, the Backpack Trading Community does not offer funded accounts. All traders in the Backpack Trading Community risk their funds to get profits. Although the arrangement is less than conventional for a trader who is used to trading on funded platforms, the Backpack Trading Community makes your trading experience easy. The company has several programs that are made to ensure that you spend less time analyzing the best trades that will be profitable. 


Is Backpack Trading Community legitimate?

Backpack Trading community is a legitimate company that was founded in 2018. Its legal offer provides traders with programs that are used to simplify the trading experience. The company also offers coaching programs that act as a guide to help traders make the best choices. The company has two main membership platforms. The Backpack Trader Gold Membership has a $147 monthly membership fee and the Backpack Trader Platinum Member has a $297 membership fee. You can also purchase the Acta Fast Strike ETF Trade Alerts at $997 if you do not want to be a member. The company also offers other programs to non-members at a cost to improve your trading experience. 

Is your cryptocurrency safe with Backpack Trading Community?

The funds you deposit on the Backpack Trading Community are not insured and you could suffer losses if the company went bankrupt. In their risk disclosure agreement, the company clearly states that you are responsible for all the funds you deposit into the account and in the case of loss, the company will not be liable to cover any costs.

Can Backpack Trading Community be trusted?

Yes, the Backpack Trading Community can be trusted in that they give you the full disclosure of their services in the terms and conditions section. Untrustworthy companies would not indicate that gambling on their site is at your risk. The company also lets you trade using their programs. These programs are dedicated to improving your trading experience and ensuring maximum profits. 

Can Backpack Trader be hacked?

Due to its freedom of entry, the chances of the company getting hacked are rather high. Although the company monitors its clients’ activities, they have not implemented fail-safe measures or have not indicated whether the company has incorporated cyber security measures. 


Backpack Trader is one of the leading backpack trading sites. Its programs ensure that you spend very little time analyzing profitable trades.

These programs choose profitable trades for you. The Backpack Trading Community also ensures that you have time for your life rather than being in front of a computer trying to analyze profitable trades.

Although the company does not offer funded trading, it has systems in place that ensure that your trading experience is very profitable. If you are not afraid of risking your funds, Backpack Trading Community is the way to go. 

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