Earn2trader Funded Trader Vince

Earn2trader Funded Trader Vince

Funded Trader Interview: Vince, from the Philippines.

Updated on: 2022-11-10

We want to share with you today this interview with Vince: a Futures Funded Trader from the Philippines.

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Vince is a funded trader since December 2022.

Vince makes a living out of trading CME Futures yet he lives in the Philippines: the world’s 3rd largest economy by nominal GDP in Southeast Asia, according to the IMF, second to Indonesia and Thailand;

it’s a country made of over 7000 islands (how difficult must it be to govern such a country?!), and here is the most important piece of information: the 2022 GDP per capita is equivalent to 3.858$: considering 250 working days/year (for simplicity) that comes down to about 15$/day output per person to the economy.

What an amazing opportunity it must be for a citizen of Philippines, like Vince, to obtain access to the CME Futures where 1 point of E-mini S&P500 is worth 50$.

Let’s hear from Vince how he managed to get funded in just 15 days with Earn2trade, and of course: CONGRATULATIONS on making it WITHOUT risking your savings!

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