Maverick Trading Review

Maverick Trading Review

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All You Need to Master the Market

Maverick Trading offers all the tools for you to be a successful trader.

The company provides a series of videos with educational content on how to trade. Its time-tested trading and risk control strategies enable traders to enhance their trading experience.

The platform also has seasoned trainers who help traders on every step of their trading journey.

Maverick Trading has two major platforms, forex trading and stocks & options trading.

Each trading platform has its funding criteria after you have put in the work learning how to trade. Once you’ve completed the training, they will fund you with up to $800,000 profit sharing split to reach your financial goals. Try the Maverick application process today Maverick Trading Application.

The Maverick trading simulator sharpens chart reading skills in a no-risk environment. The simulator is used by new Maverick Trading traders as a demo account, to gain skills on trading before they start live trading. The simulator conducts a personality test and comes up with a trading plan suitable for your trading needs. The trading plan is curated to fit personal requirements. 

You can read more about the simulator here Maverick Trading Review.

At a time when algorithms and machines are taking over the trading business, having an account in one of the largest trading centers brings back the human element to online trading and provides trading opportunities to those who are eager and in line with the mission and vision of Maverick Trading.

Maverick Trading how to become a trader


Everyone using  Maverick Trading starts at the associate trader level and moves up the ladder to the elite trader level.

Fund offerings start from $25,000 to $800,000 and up. These offerings are similar for both Forex trading and stocks & options trading.

The more you trade with this account, the better your chances of getting more out of your trading experience. The Maverick Trading platform is not like other trading platforms.

The platform seeks to gradually improve your skills while offering more funds as you climb up the ladder.

The company mainly has one main investment plan. You pay a one-off subscription and a monthly rate. As you advance, you’ll pay a risk-free fee that protects you from risks that may arise when trading. 

The beauty of trading with the Maverick trading platform is that you do not get more options with more money. Everyone pays the same amount to start trading with the company, and the more you grow, the more profits you’ll get. The company is interested more in harnessing your trading skills than creating a profit. The company wins as you win. 

maverick trading plans asscoiate master and elite trader

Plan for the stocks & options trading

If you want to venture into the stocks and options side of Maverick Trading, you’ll have to pay a $7,000 one-off fee. The one-off fee provides a lifetime membership for the trader. This fee is also inclusive of your off trading days, where you can take time off trading, and when you come back, you’ll resume where you left off. You can take a break whenever you want. 

There’s also a $199 desk fee that you’ll pay every month from the second month of membership. This fee pays for the firm’s utilities like electricity, which enable the company to train, monitor, and supervise its clients.  

To start trading, the company requires you to pay a $5,000 risk-free fee. After paying this fee, the company opens your account with a $25,000 balance which you will use to trade. This fee will ensure that if you incur losses that are over the $5,000 risk fee, you will not incur any more costs to your account.

Plan for the forex trading

The forex side of Maverick Trading requires a $4,000 one-off lifetime membership fee. The fee provides you with a lifetime membership to the forex side of the company. Much like the stocks and options trading, the lifetime fee ensures that you can take time off at any given time. 

You are also required to pay a $199 desk fee for utilities so that the company can effectively run. 

You will also have to deposit a $2,000 risk-free trading fee once you are ready to start trading live. For the first two months, Maverick Tradings will give a trader $4,000 to monitor how the trader manages risk. Think of it as probationary time. Then after you successfully manage the funds, the company adds $10,000 to your account. Then you can advance to different levels as in the stocks and options platform. 

Losses incurred more than the risk-free fee do not impose more costs on the trader. A trader in the forex platform is also eligible for a $3,000 bonus once profits spill to the firm.

The highest level account in the forex division is worth $300,000 and spills to $1.5 million in forex positions. A trader has to undergo over 100 hours of training in the forex division.

Maverick Trading Benefits

Traders have free access to the training base. Whenever you want clarification on something or need tips on the stage of trading you are in, you can access the training base without incurring more charges. 

When you trade with Maverick, the funds used when trading is Mavericks and not the trader. As a trader, you do not incur costs when trading live on Maverick Trading. 

The company also does not have limits on the purchasing power of a trader. You can increase your purchasing power as you grow professionally. 

Maverick Trading has very efficient ways that you can use to contact the support team. This ease of contact ensures that you can always access assistance whenever you have questions.

A trader can trade full-time or part-time on the Maverick trading platform.

And lastly, Maverick offers its traders terms for testing their trading strategies without incurring financial risks.

Day Trading Courses

Maverick Trading mainly uses a trade simulator that provides traders with simulations of the platforms used for trading.

First, the simulator performs a personality test which is used to point out a trader’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, with the help of Maverick Trading assistants, the traders take these results and come up with a trading plan. The benefits of conducting a personalized test first are that a trader receives a tailored trading plan. 

The trading plan covers several topics such as: the market conditions that the trader will experience, each position’s risk, extensive portfolio exposure, fund allocation models for different marketing conditions, and trading strategies that will work well for the trader. 

The simulation also incorporates a demo account where traders perform simulations of trading. This demo account has all the basics that a trader will encounter when trading live. The demo account is meant to give the trader a feel of the live trading platforms. This demo account is monitored by the Maverick Trading team to examine how the trader is using his trading strategies to minimize risks. The team also analyzes whether the trader is following their trading plan. Through the analysis, the Maverick Trading assistants offer suggestions and recommendations on how a trader can improve his risk management technique. 

Coaches on the Maverick Trading simulator have been trading with the company for years. They know the best trading plans that new traders should follow to minimize risk. The coaches also are salaried employees of the company and are incentivized to increase profits for the company. 

Maverick Trading also uses videos to help its users learn how to trade. Here is a video on how to use Maverick’s Trading forex Set Forex Trading Goals: realistic & achievable

How to Get a Fully Funded Stock Trading Account | Maverick Trading Software Solutions LLC

Getting a fully funded stocks account is the dream of every proprietary trader or prop trader due to several reasons. First, the traders seek to increase profits. Trading with a large pool of capital will give you more opportunities to increase capital. 

When you use a proprietary trading organization, you increase your chances of making a lot of money while improving your trading skills. The organizations also help you save time as you move up the ladder. 

Maverick Trading is one of the proprietary trading firms that harnesses your skills while giving you opportunities to make money. The organization is keen on educating its traders so that when they start trading, they will have a risk-free plan to follow. The organization also strives to monitor its traders’ progress. 

So how do you get a fully funded stock trading account?

You need to apply for either a Maverick Trading stocks and options account or a forex account. Once you are approved to join the organization, you will have to take a personality test. The personality test is designed to bring out your weaknesses and strengths when it comes to trading. The personality test will form the basis for the creation of a trading plan tailored to suit your needs. Then you will use the plan on a demo for some time to improve your skills. 

Once you are approved to start live trading, the company deposits $25,000 as starting funds for you to use to trade. The funds will increase to $800,000 as you progress trading. 

Just log on to the Maverick Trading website and make an application to join one of the two divisions. 


Is Maverick Trading legitimate?

Maverick Trading is a legal trading platform that was founded in 1997.

It is a legal offer that provides a funded platform for stocks & options and forex trading. It is important to note that the requirements to trade with Maverick Trading are high. You are required to fill in an application and pay $7,000 for membership for the stocks & options and $4,000 for membership for forex trading. 

Is your cryptocurrency safe with Maverick Trading?

Maverick Trading just announced that they would start using cryptocurrency at the start of the year. The company is yet to put the use of cryptocurrency into effect. This makes ascertaining whether the company offers the safety of its user’s cryptocurrency quite difficult. 

Can Maverick Trading be trusted?

The recruitment process at Maverick Trading is tight-knit. You have to go through a series of screening procedures before you are approved to trade with the company. The screening procedures are implemented to ensure the safety of its users and the company. Several reviews by traders state that the company is a safe platform for trading Maverick Trading. Although there are negative reviews about the safety of the company, most people rank Maverick Trading as one of the safest sites to trade

Can Maverick Trading be hacked?

Maverick Trading is key to ensuring the safety of its users and the company. The company has many security measures to ensure the safety of its users. Although the company has top-of-the-line security, there is a diminished possibility of being hacked.


Maverick Trading is one of the leading trading organizations.

It is also one of the most difficult trading organizations to join. The company is focused on harnessing a trader’s ability to trade using risk-free strategies.

Although the company offers a guarantee of over $100,000 in profits, its starting fund is quite low. A trader will have to have worked for a long period before they can transact with large amounts of money. Maverick Trading is not ideal for a trader who wants to make money fast. However, if you want to improve your trading skills and venture into both forex and stocks & options, Maverick Tradings is the best company. The company will hone your skills and by the time you are an elite trader, you will be able to trade on all platforms as an expert.

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