Funded Trader Interview: 1 Million $ Profit!!!

Funded Trader Interview: 1 Million $ Profit!!!

Funded Trader Interview: 1 Million $ Profit!!!

Updated on: 2023-6-12

We want to share with you today this interview with Vince: a Futures Funded Trader who made 1 Million $ in profits!.

Originally published by APEX, listen to the interview I have had with the Founder of APEX Trader Funding: Darrell Martin.

APEX Funded Trader made 1 Million USD profit

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This APEX Funded Trader made 1.000.000 $ in profits!

Video interview at the bottom of this page.

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The trader, Vince, then goes on by explaining what instruments he trades, and with what strategy; but he is also honest enough to share all the mistakes he made along the way!

He recalls how on some of the trading days he actually made 20K$ in profit by 9:30 am!

Now: this trader had a deep wallet to be able to invest enough to trade on 20 of the largest size accounts 300K$ (so he actually manages 6M$ of APEX’ money!); to enroll in the challenges, in the APEX Sniper Strategy and Copy Trader, in a powerful PC, etc etc, but what a return on his investment uh!

I’m pretty confident to say that, whatever that is, he would not have obtained similar results if instead he went all in by himself, opening his own account, risking his own savings.

It might be too large an investment for you or me, but not all of us are aiming at such huge profits: let’s start a bit smaller, and then grow.

APEX offers trading challenges for Futures Contracts that go from 25K$ to 300K$, multiple accounts or just 1, using their Sniper Strategy on NinjaTrader or going at it by yourself, with your trading style, even from your smartphone apps.

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