Best sources of live economic news

The best sources for economic releases and news.

Independently from you trading style: you might be a fundamental trader, or rely purely on technical analysis, either way you have to be aware of what’s happening in the world.

Lower in the page you find a live calendar of economic releases, and the calendar of restricted news by some of the funders.

Witty newsletter on finance and emerging tech

2 options here:

  1. waste a ton of time reading the news and socials and fake news and oh gosh I’m tired already just thinking of it…
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Economic news LIVE SQUAWK

Get all the economic and finance news streamed live and read out loud for you by Financialjuice.

You can customise what kind of news you’d like to see, by market, by source, it’s amazing.

Its competitors ask for hundreds of $ a month for similar services, no idea why this is still for free…enjoy it until it lasts!

Live economic releases

The restricted news by Topstep

This is the calendar defined by Topsteptrader major economic news : updated live!