Are Instant Funding Prop Firms Legit?

Let's do a deep dive itno Prop Firms offering Instant Funding. Updated on: 2022-06-09 Instant funding prop firms are an excellent opportunity for experienced traders to increase their capital while learning new abilities in their feed. Prop firms are a financial business or commercial bank that invests...

Is Proprietary Trading Legit?

Let's do a deep dive into how Prop Firms work and if we should trust them. Updated on: 2022-02-10   You may have heard of the term "proprietary trading" in the news—particularly if you made it through one of those long reports on the financial crisis. But what...

Momentum indicators: do they work?

The 4 Momentum Indicators Every Trader Should Know About New traders constantly search for the holy grail of indicators that may give them the best chance of beating the market. As they progress, they realize that depending on the trading styles and state of the market,...

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