Earn2trade is the ONLY Funder that allows multiday trading! In addition this Funder has a great approach in The Gauntlet to recruiting Funded Traders: it offers plenty of trading that includes a Beginner Course and a full 4 months long Bootcamp! Their business partner Helios then provides the finance for the funded Account.

I am affiliated with Earn2trade, yet I have renounced all payments to myself in exchange for a 10% discount to you for The Gauntlet and their training material!

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Above all Earn2Trade is an education company that teaches Forex and Futures trading, while via The Gauntlet challenge it finds and matches successful students with proprietary trading firms: so far 21% of traders in The Gauntlet obtained funding!

Firstly they train Futures and Forex traders and offer personalized education, mentoring sessions and live webinars, as well as hands-on experience with a trading simulator. Furthermore the students who successfully complete their Bootcamp and Gauntlet™ evaluation program will receive a guaranteed offer from their partners.

The team consists of experienced traders, accomplished educators, and outstanding developers.

Read the interview to the founder Ryan Masten.

The Challenge with Earn2Trade is called The Gauntlet (insert code “ftdsc” for 10% discount) and it’s 60 calendar days long, where a minimum of 30 days of trading and 1 trade per week minimum are required.

But what I really like from Earn2Trade is that they ask you to provide a Trading Plan at the beginning of the Challenge, in addition they allow you to trade during off market hours and over the news (still, nobody recommends you to do so!), and you can set your own Max and Weekly Daily Loss.

For example, are you curious to see how I made +77 ticks in profit with 1 trade in The Gauntlet?

At Earn2Trade are constantly making improvements to The Gauntlet, they recently announced: a full refund to traders who perform exceptionally well that is at least with a 4:1 ratio (see details in the image on the right), and 100% withdrawal of first 5k in profit for everyone!

New rules about financing:

  • everyone will have a account of $ 25K.
  • 80% of profit share to the trader for every account.
  • FREE beginner course included.
  • non-trailing maximum drawdown will depend on your drawdown during the evaluation. See the image on the right.

p.s. Jonathan, my account manager at Earn2Trade, insists in telling me that I’ve inspired the idea of offering a fee refund when I renounced my affiliation fees and had a pretty good performance in The Gauntlet…wow! That’s cool! 🙂

FREE access to Journalytix for you while trading in The Gauntlet

Journalytix is the only trading journal that allows you to insert your notes about every trade in the exact moment you take the trade!

Read more here about it.

Trading Futures

Account Size80% Profit Share
  •     Preparation
  •     Strategy
  •   PHASE 1
  •     Trading hours
  •     Permitted products
  •     Profit Target
  •     Maximum Position Size
  •     Daily Loss Limit
  •     Max Drawdown
  •     Trader's profit share
  •    First withdrawal
  •    Platform fees
  •     Broker fees
  •     CME data fees
  •     Major economic releases


$25KLeverage applies
  • Coaching available: Beginner Crash Course & Bootcamp (4 months long, includes The Gauntlet)
  • Your own Trading Plan
  • 30 days of trading in 60 calendar days
  • No restrictions
  • CME future contracts (forex available in the near future)
  • $ 2,500
  • It depends on Product Margin: ES 3 contracts, GC 6 contracts, etc...
  • No restrictions
  • $ 2,500 (fixed. non trailing)
  • 80%
  • $ 5,000 at 100%
  • Depending on Platform
  • It depends on the product traded.
  • FREE
  • No restrictions

Earn2Trade is first and foremost an Education Company!

They offer a Beginner Course, the full 4 months long Bootcamp, and The Gauntlet: the challenge through which you will obtain your Account.

The Beginner Crash Course by Earn2trade is a course of 60 six – ten minute videos that cover both the basic and the advanced concepts necessary for trading. Furthermore each video is followed up with a quiz that tests the students retention of video.

It is an entry level education course that teaches students about the market and general market conditions, risk management and technical trading, for instance the lessons are designed to deliver complex concepts in an easy-to-understand format, and are heavily animated with plenty of simple examples.

They offer monthly or lifetime access to the lessons at an affordable cost.

Watch the lesson on Risk Management that Earn2trade kindly donated to our website.

to play the video copy and paste the link in a new window. Earn2trade owns the copyrights to this video.

Similarly the intermediate trader can benefit from The Bootcamp by Earn2trade: a four months long comprehensive trading course that teaches about markets, risk management and technical trading, at last they will pair you with a proprietary trading firm upon completion.

Firstly the course begins with your personal mentor who has passed their Series 3 and Series 34 examinations, secondly the mentor guides you through a video course and webinar catalog through weekly one to one sessions.

Upon finishing the course and webinars, you will begin working in a trading simulator wherein the mentor will oversee your performance. In conclusion the Bootcamp is rounded off with a supervised trial in The Gauntlet™.

Upon completion of The Gauntlet you will receive an offer to become a professional trader.

Read the interview to Ryan Masten, the founder of Earn2trade.

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