Exclusive Discount Code for LEELOO

Exclusive discount code for LEELOO.

As you probably know already here at Funded-Trader.com we do our very best to bring you exclusive discounts for all the Funders.

At times the Funders release a special discount which you will find on our Special Offers page.

-15% discount for ANY Challenge with LEELOO with code: PUOGWCOU

Exclusive Discount coupon code for our Funded-Trader readers is: PUOGWCOU

This coupon code is valid all year round for any challenge with LEELOO.

LEELOO it’s one of the most popular Funder for Futures traders, and thanks to this discount you have a unique opportunity:

  • affordable access to trading Futures contracts.
  • easy and quick access and set-up, it takes just a few minutes to receive your Rithmic account after enrolling.
  • participating in the evaluation program forces you to stick to a strict risk management plan, and this teaches you the important part of success as a trader.
  • you have a great chance at obtaining capital to trade at 0 risks and 80% to 90% of the profit share goes to you.
  • never risk your savings!

In particular let me point out this very interesting evaluation program by LEELOO, the 100K GLIDE program, which allows you to:

  • hold trades open overnight! All of you swing traders will be happy about this, I’m sure!
  • make the most of the STATIC MAX LOSS: all other challenges apply a trailing drawdown.

So make sure to manage well your risk and get the most out of this unique opportunity.

For more information about LEELOO go ahead and visit our in-depth review here.

Here is a brief video review about LEELOO.

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