Exclusive Discount Code for UPROFIT

Exclusive discount code for UPROFIT.

As you probably know already here at Funded-Trader.com we do our very best to bring you exclusive discounts for all the Funders.

At times the Funders release a special discount which you will find on our Special Offers page.

The highest discount code available is this -25% discount for ANY Challenge with UPROFIT:

What you need to do is:

  • make sure to clear your browser cookies
  • click on our Uprofit exclusive link here.
  • insert the code: UPT25
  • thank you for your support and enjoy your discount!

Withdrawals in Crypto!

This Funder for futures traders offers 100% of the first 8K$ in profit to you! And as said above you are able to withdraw these in cryptocurrency such as USDT, a stable coin.

For more information about UPROFIT go ahead and visit our in-depth review here.

Here is a brief video review about UPROFIT.

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