FOMO Killer

A new and improved fully automated strategy for NinjaTrader: for futures and forex traders.

A fully automated strategy built with 1 purpose: to make profit while complying with the rules of the evaluation programs, both futures and forex.

FOMO what?

What’s FOMO? Fear Of Missing Out; and it is the trader’s (and mine) worst enemy!

While the evaluation programs (find all info about over 100 of those in my FundsFinder) are a great way to learn and improve our trading skills, the risk allowed is minimal, and over-trading would definitely push any trader to the brink of failure.

This is the only Strategy on the market that has been developed from day 1 with the evaluation programs in mind.

How does it work?

This indicator signals counter-trend moves  in price that are about to happen: 1 or 2 rotations.

Often times these changes in trend coincide with the low or high of the day.

On an instrument such as S&P500, on the 15′ chart, it provides in average 3 valid signals a day, for a reward/risk of over 2.

Fully automated strategy for NinjaTrader.

The full EA will work on both Futures and Forex, and it will respect ALL the rules that you need to comply with in order to win an evaluation program and obtain capital to trade.

Back-test results will be available soon.

My Indicator for Sierra Chart is being discontinued.

But it is the base upon which I am building the new and improved FOMO Killer for NinjaTrader.

See here how I used it to get funded 150K$ by Earn2trade in just 10 trading sessions.

The FOMO Killer Strategy will be just as helpful in your everyday trading and as support in passing the evaluation programs by LEELOO, Topstep Futures, Topstep Forex, FTMO, etc…

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