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Free course on trading Forex

Babypips is one of the most popular websites for free education on forex trading, technical analysis etc you truly get everything you need out of this, no need to spend big bucks on other basic courses, and it’s very well organized, with quizzes and all the rest.

Principles for success

Ray Dalio is an American billionaire investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist.

A bit of personal growth here and financial education, in his website you can find his “Principles for navigating big debt crisis” book for free, the Principles App for iOS and coming soon Android, and also the animated series, linked here on the right, enjoy!


Investopedia is an American website based in New York City that provides investing and finance education along with reviews, ratings and comparisons of various financial products. There is just so much free info on their website, whenever you have a doubt about something more or less technical just check them out, either the economy section or the dictionary section will surely be of help. Oh yes and beautiful animated videos available too of course…

Free economic releases and news.

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The experts I trust.

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